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That was an extension of the running game right what happens now. Is all those windows. There were closed last year linebacker stepping up because there was no threat not stepped up because it wasn't a threat at a run. Those guys are gonna start instant for because guess what this. Niger is a throwback pittsburgh. Still running back this saint james connor. This is somewhere between amazon and the bus. This guy that will step on your chest if you don't step up and when you think it's a run as a linebacker you're going to be on his. Espn highlight tape part. I agree with that. I love dodgy harris but when you're offensive line isn't enough and i had been there when you have a below average offense but we don't but we don't tb. We don't do what i'm saying about the stills we'd never know who's in their pipeline these are one of the best organizations in developing talent. They don't go out and they don't go out and go trae for big time offense liming they always have one in the pipeline that we how many people ever heard of willie cologne before. He became a dominant office. Lime fair i have a lot of respect for kevin colbert that whole organization. Mike tomlin is to be very under a coach with that. Said it's hard to replace one. Maybe two but when you're replace three offense wyman does in one year with an abbreviated off-season. I'm skeptical and you've got guilt sayer. Yes no i was gonna say you make a great point about mike tomlin. Because i think he's a credible culture there right with the steelers gale. Sayers back there but if you're offensive line isn't good and he gave us three of them. One year i've just really was the best thing that you do for offense line. It's not that talented rush. The passer play. Oh you run the ball right. Exactly you run the ball so you look at the steelers. The steelers might have the best defense in that division. Right i had. They got one of the best safety they got. Some of the best defense wyoming. They have the best pass rusher within the division. No disrespect the miles gary but just last season if tj wa stays healthy. He may be the defensive mvp of the league. He's been that dominant since he's been there. Got a great young linebacker. They have everything that pittsburgh has always traditionally have. And i always use this and anybody listening to. This show knows what i said. It's always wants a man twice a baby right. And i say once a man twice a baby that is a football term. You come into this league and you're not good enough to carry the team. And the team carries you then ben rothlisberger became you'll the perennial pro bowler. He's carrying team as he lost some of his weapons because how much money he bakes. Now he's back to the beginning. He lost some money right. He's going to be some people in the secondary market. That's available you know that it's going to some good players. There's going to get cut. They'll bring a lime and enter to to kind of create some depth and they'll be just fine. This is the pittsburgh steelers. They are always a threat. This is kishan jalen. Zubin coming to you. Live from above the heineken river dyke at pier seventeen. I love that you went on and on for about five in new york. Couple semi semi-colon known saying paul awkwardness and dramatic. I am bad. We've talked about the hall of fame week. Is here the twenty twenty class and the two thousand twenty. One class will be inducted this weekend. In one of those inductees just happens to be john lynch he was on the adam schefter podcast and he said that jimmy garoppolo guys wait for. It is playing the best football since he arrived in san francisco. Let's take a listen him. Bien hair. i think is brought the best out jimmy garoppolo. Jimmy's a A big time competitor and You know we haven't played a game yet but in practice in the off season and in practice and training camp thus far. He's playing his best football since he's been here and he's played a lot of good football. Just look at his record and so people say well. What do you do if they're both playing great. That's a great nether great problem to have and we'll deal with that when it comes. Jimmy's best football. Since he's been there he really is planned at a high level and i don't wanna talk about it too much as doing so in front of millions of people but it it's something everyone's recognizing these really planet high level and that's the that's the type of competitor that's what can competitors do. When when they're challenged they rise to the occasion and i think he's doing a great job of that so football fatemi guy says. Hey that is great news. Good for jimmy g. But then the conspiracy theorist in me says Is this tactic by lynch to drive up. Interest in jimmy g. because he is getting ready to trade him i'll go to our resident front office insider. Mike tannenbaum on that. What say you. Which direction should i believe. That was a total infra virtual about hey Jimmy garoppolo is available. You know exactly like we're proudly presented by progressive and here we are like jimmy garoppolo like it was like an adsell and look. I've been there and johnson's doing his job. And look. they gave up so much for trae lance. Everyone knows he's their future. It's not a matter of if but when but here's one thing that's interesting. Here's the conversation guys between kyle. Shanahan and jimmy g. Which is looked if you play great and you've been twenty four nine is the starter here. You're gonna make a lot of money next year. You're going to be in that forty million dollars a year clubs and by the way you can take us deep into the playoffs. So we know you're not going to be here next year you know you're not gonna be next year but this could be a win win and look you know that this is. What's so interesting about our sport. Which is if we go back. A half a dozen years ago.

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