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Giselle say she does slimfast I. Don't think so No ninety ninety two probably all set there so decker and we. Talked about it. A lot earlier in the week good right fifty four catches five hundred sixty three yards last year and one touchdowns against. Our that was with Tennessee's not great. Quarterback situation multiply that by twenty five percents minimum is that the expectation minimum What'd you. Say fifty five fifty four inches total so. Added okay so I've another fifteen sixteen. To that maybe seventy catches Seven hundred fifty yards. Seven. Eight hundred yards I'll go for that. I think he To. Me to me Not, even making, the team you know like they have these guys who come in at this point and camp It doesn't work well. As I'm. Looking on the Google machine, here you, also said Randy moss was going to make the team either that's true That's true I did not, write it but a lot of people that, was like because you didn't see him in. The preseason he wasn't showing up much in. Practice either, so Mike I would. Be lying I didn't poke around about. Michael Lombardi we all know Michael Lombardi weeded out. Earlier today so before the deal, became official but he tweeted, this out call, me skeptical but the odds of Eric decker making the patriots seem long decker is not the. Same player he once was and not being able to separate from man will be. His. Downfall interesting that's Michael Lombardi's take. On it Separate how you catching fifty plus. Passes yeah in Tennessee yeah that's all you're doing right. Yeah so I don't I don't understand it, and he also had six catches for eighty five yards in the divisional game against the. Patriots, this past, year there's one of, his? One of his better. Games of, the year so I'm in favor of it I that you know added other body ads of talent especially with George, Mathews going down even, if Jordan Mathews was. Still on, the, team I'd say why not little bit more. Competition, you're not just given Philip, door said or Kenny British spot who knows Malcolm Mitchell so I'm completely, in favor of of bringing, in started naming those names off your point of him not making the team is a. Little more to it when you started naming. Those names, yeah you know with. Element coming back right that's the other. Thing you know you wanna make the team for. The season by they're going to, get rid of somebody after, the first four, games not necessarily a receiver but maybe a receiver I mean HOGAN I would assume is a. Is a lock yeah but any of those guys I'm pretty sure that any of. Those. Guys on the roster week one That they're gonna. Get their whole salary, and the other thing you're talking, about our special teams guys too. And I don't know if decker is necessarily going. To be playing a role there you know. Because that's how check will hand out the last five or eight yeah I don't. Think so I've got a question yesterday about it he. Has returned ten punts in his career I, meant coverage I didn't even mean return yeah yeah no I don't think he does any. Of, that he, returned kickoffs his rookie, year? It looks like but. That's not, something that he does and he returned one punt in two thousand fifteen a high of six and two thousand eleven, so he would not, count him as a. Special teamer, at, all although they cured Ocho Cinco for an. Entire, year and he didn't sniff, special teams he just stood on the sideline and that was about, it Accurate every week It was added what was, going on there but that was that. Was odd eighty we have the follow up. Stephen a Smith so you heard Stephen a sort of questioning max rather gate? About, Tom Brady yeah now honorable that..

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