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Dog food you buy three point five out back for ten dollars didn't dollar coupon on your next purchase of a large bag that's a super deal dog foods made here at Texas a and M. brown wood deck back in may even grow some of their all the radio all right you can sign this and a whole lot more and larger pets fade in on where is that bill well worn and the gold and oil business park which is off the road between I can't and that got lost what do you do give us a call two one zero six nine one two three five one really talk to you a little while to when I was seven three seven twelve hundred one eight hundred three eight three nine six two for traffic and weather together from the W. away I traffic center we have an accident with just one of the right lane open north found thirty five it Sampedro traffic is going to be stomped and you approach from Martin it's also affecting traffic emerging from east bound by ten so you might want to find an alternate route thirty one frontage road north bound of course you still have construction it's six you know for the right lane is blocked I'm Stephen fonts newsradio twelve hundred W. away I the Saturday live from sixty nine under some sunshine that partly cloudy tonight with a load your fifty tomorrow mostly sunny and warmer with a high of seventy five at a cold front will resulted showers and thunderstorms at a veterans day I meteorologist Jeff more from the weather channel I San Antonio's official weather station newsradio twelve hundred W. O. A. R. it's sunny and forty eight degrees going to be a nice day that out there's some work on the lawn including maybe putting that sweet green on from Niagara Falls they really done their homework Niger foss we green is finally introduced.

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