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As possible, take care of any wounds and also watch for signs of infection this. Good news for the state's largest school district, the Oklahoma City school district says it's network and technology systems are now fully operational following last transom where attack that says third party forensics experts have determined that. No personal information was compromised. The state Senate has approved the eight point one billion dollar budget Bill that funds state agencies for the next fiscal year here skates. Okay. Jim, foresight, it puts about two hundred million dollars into savings. That's something state, Senator Roger Thompson of Okita says is crucial to avoid future budget cuts. We decried whenever we had to cut education, any other agencies because we had not prepared for it out of the leadership of our governor. We shall be prepared the next time that comes along and those cuts will be made, and our children's classes will not be cut Senate president protest, Greg treat says the budget makes huge investments at our classrooms, gives teachers and state employees, another significant pay raise and puts money toward criminal Justice reforms. The Bill now goes to the governor who is expected. To sign it and unconscious driver pulled from his car after it plunged into the Oklahoma canal last night, paramedics rescued him, but not before Stephanie page, who saw the car careen through the water tried to help once the car, went underneath the water, he was screaming help me. Help me, please get me out. She told news four she could not get his door open, as it started to sink after first responders rescued the mandate or form CPR, and he was taken to a hospital to Norman suspects have been arrested in last week's robbery of the IBC Bank. In more law enforcement reviewed surveillance videos from several occasions. Determined that thirty one year old duck and Heron and thirty year old Regina berry, we're likely suspect..

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