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On the WTO app It's 6 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Jack Taylor in the traffic center Slow downs on our beltway in Maryland topside add a loop from 95 to a point just past George avenue where the crash was on the shoulder inner loop getting a little heavier now As you approach two ten headed down toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge but you should find your travel lanes open I got two 70 where filling in very quickly getting out of Germantown riding south toward three 70 the emergency work zone at the sinkhole before X at 9 three lanes to the left continue to get you by 70 is not moving westbound all traffic detouring off an alternate route 40 That's exit 49 Overnight at mile post 44 that's before 17 in myersville tractor trailer was involved in a crash all lanes remain closed We also have an issue in upper Marlboro It's on Pennsylvania avenue southbound all traffic diverts onto dower house road because of a crash Utility crews are working in mount airy on 27 between harrisville road and waters ville road traffic alternates by the down pole and wires Now you will find we're slow in Virginia getting that Gainesville going east on 66 It's the long-term work that goes from Gainesville headed towards Centreville along the left side of the roadway the HOV lane basically is closed The wreck after two 34 business got moved over onto the shoulder Now you will find 95 going northbound first we'd had the accident after Quantico that was along the left side slow traffic again going into woodbridge the slowing really begins in lorton headed to a point just before the beltway with the broken down tractor trailer in the far right lane Now you will find the Delos toll road headed west after route 7 a broken down vehicle was in the left lane slow traffic in the district D.C. two 95 south headed toward east capital street We had been heavy northbound passing Pennsylvania avenue freeway was okay but if you're going south on three 95 the ramp to go 6 and 7th street had been blocked last scene due to police activity Quicker and safer travel is coming to I 66 to do this the left eastbound lane from university boulevard to route 29 in Centreville will be closed through June 19th more at transform 66 dot org Jack Taylor WTO P traffic And let's go check the forecast here with Mike stina Across the regions today turning breezy and turning hot slide chance but after the thunderstorm I'll turn less buggy by late in the day and look for a high in the mid to upper 90s Ferris guy's cooler and less monkeys.

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