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In the communist country one bright spot was jenkins meeting his wife hitomi's soga who was kidnapped by pyongyangan 1978 she had been abducted the teeth north three of spies japanese so goes one of thirteen japanese in the japanese citizens the tokyo says were kidnapped and brought to the north in the 1970s and 80s now jenkins told cbs again this guy died at age seventy seven yesterday he told cbs the couple was forced by north korean officials to marry hour venture they fell in love they had two daughters meakin blinda in two thousand to pyongyang acknowledged that the abductions of the japanese citizens allowed so gun for others to visit japan they ended up staying jenkins in his daughters were allowed to join soga two years later once in japan jenkins was subject to a us court martial in which he pleaded guilty he was dishonorably discharged discharge and sense the twenty five days in a us military jail jenkins wrote an autobiography ghana can't pronounce that were auto by odd gruff full graphical book to tell the truth that's the name of his book enduring appearances at conferences on north korean human rights revealed he had seen other american deserters living with women abducted interesting sorry that was a long story to read but isn't it fascinating that in the '60s after the korean conflict gotta army soldier her who doesn't want to fight in vietnam so he basically abandons as post and desserts to north korea and has held there for decades uh what regrets he why don't you think he paid the price rick i mean i've been what what more punishment should he yet we'll on iron and i'm wondering what all took place over there while he was captive now what did what did they do with him what was he required to do in exchange for being kept alive or whatever pound interesting what a life yeah they had consequences sometimes we'll look at the model joke and around naked party in falling off that balcony if that's the case look at the consequence of that she hey there is a good consequence it's christmas season and christmas season means gifts and it's time to given you just don't want to order online dulia you also want to go to a store and.

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