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The patriot about immigration these days graham nash david crosby an immigration man from nineteen seventy seventytwo the occasion there's not topical but the great graham nash has a compilation album just released a couple of days ago cold over the years it's out now graham national of solo stuff in the crosby stills nash cs ny stuff that he sort of took leader graham nash fans there it is album i just a couple of days ago called over the years already so on a busy friday heading into a busy weekend and next week oh my gosh i can scarcely imagine it will be monday night when we learn of the president's supreme court pick and we're talking about the that person's ascendancy in that person entering the scene and also a big topic of course the exit from the scene of scott pruitt my take on it is that pruitt ran into a buzzsaw saw that he should have known was there and it there there's almost no apples and apples comparison here these these were largely to faults as a friend duane batters and says this is not the kind of stuff that usually gets you drummed from office or written on a rail out of town the pruitt resignation letter contains references to his horrible treatment of the hands of the media i am sympathetic and i i am a fan of administrator pruitt and he was one of the most meaningful inconsequential conservative reformers in the trump administration which is why he had to go but as the wall street journal wisely points out in its editorial this morning a lot of unforced errors on his part if you are going to be if you know you're gonna have a laser pointer on your chest to the entire time you're walking around if you know the long knives are going to be out for you choose your metaphor you gotta fly coach man you gotta fly coach let's head up northeast san antonio to ceelo texas brad mark davis in for hugh hewitt how're you doing good morning kinda just endured a rainstorm here and have my soggy wall street journal in front of me and i was reading the same up in i guess about pruitt and a man that's smart you know seems like you would have somebody an advisor or person to would say you know you can do this you can fly first class but you know the media's gonna sees that you're going to be in the spotlight now look at the optics what messages that you're some kind of elite guide and my favorite one and and i don't know if you can get verifier confirm it he had a big expense for personal security and i know there are people like the environment liberation front and just an environmentalist wackos tamara fraser from another talk i know those are out there and if those people were intimidating or threatening him and things like that i guess some kind of a security thing would be appropriate that you're you're right in the wall street journal right he he was a good guy but he gave him entirely too much ammunition and it was tamper him to go obviously the thing that i don't like trump doesn't ever have people come behind the woodshed to speak and give them a warning or say hey or maybe not directly because there's somebody went and found some audio of trump's some months ago saying well i'm not pleased i'm not please tell telling a gaggle of reporters i'm not pleased is not the same as having pruitt in and saying dude i love you you're one of the most valuable conservative cogs in the wheel of my administration stop killing me stop stop stop killing your reputation with excesses that are not gonna play well brad thank you freesheet an invest everybody in see below texas now but but brad's point is is is well taken and as we go take a look at the various things that that that that scott pruitt did anything that really is valid lee security related i i will completely give latitude for even in terms of some telephone security everybody's talking about the forty six thousand dollar phone booth or whatever looks like some affectation in a man cave it was not some of the staffing stuff in some of the after the fact that jimmy with some schedule records that's not good but you probably don't want to know how many people would have done harm or worse to scott pruitt simply because he is returning was returning sanity to environmental policy mark davis in for hugh hewitt stick around.

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