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I mean, like it's crazy to think how much how much we are who we were in college. Yeah, and how we've always had to people voting. I go to the performance these. Yeah. Stanton vote college shows where I try to encourage kids to register to vote and I and I say, look, I'm forty year about twenty. You're going to blink in before you're voting for now, is what you're going to be living in future, like I'm your future. Yeah, and that's how I feel like college. I remember really well. Yeah. Well, I remember even you say the thing about walking back from five. Six? Yeah, here's five, six who is who's the director who cast me in the Georgia Dome players? Improv troupe. This, the bring people to speed. Vas a cast me and actually I should give credit. Fair credit assistant director, James Murray? Yes, some impractical, yes. So weird that we were all there at a similar time and then they cast me and then I cast you. And then you cast John Mullane. Yes, John Laney Cass, no one, John. And if. John John Lennon casts a shadow on. He gets a long shadow on the, yeah, when I came to Georgetown a year after I graduated to do a workshop with you guys. Oh, and actually in getting us was Owen Owen Burke? Yes, he was there a few years before us? Yes, in a separate in a separate version of the improv group. But when I came back and this will stick with me for the rest of my life, same thing as as stand up, vote staff, it's like, I remember you saying to me like, there's this guy, John Mullany it's he's the funniest person I've ever met my line. And you didn't. You weren't a hyperbolic communicator, you're you just weren't someone who would say that was very suspicious of that. Yeah. Yeah. I was like, what do you mean? The funniest person you've ever met? Like what in the u. and you literally said he's funny than Baltimore's? Yeah. And I stand by, of course, he is the only guy I know, and but. You had a real premonition about him? Yeah. What was it about him that made you just be knocked on your at? I don't know. I think it was like, well, because I think like, I think you and I knew we, we always liked each other, but there was like some version of competition of something or at least like where I was like, who's like, sounds like it's in your head. But you know it was like this feeling of like we're both funny. We're both have an idea of how this should work. We get along, but also like, you know, I think it was a mutual respect, but also like a healthy sort of a competition, not the right word, but it whatever it was. And when John came listeners a home, I made a film called, don't think twice about an improv group people competitive, but has nothing to do interview nothing. Nothing at all. And I didn't watch that film and and up as a familiarity about any of it when I called you the week came out and offered you. Pardon? You turned up? No, that was unavailable. The name of the person you had offered to before in the chain of the mill. Unbelievable. I can tell you the amount. My wall is casting don't think twice, and I emailed the casting your nose in such a tizzy. And I said, I think Nicole would be great, and I think he would do it because we're friends like we're real friends from life, and then I emailed it to Nick Kroll. It's the classic nobody there CG you see seed me on it, but in a chain of like, who else? Yes, yes, exactly play that. But but anyway, I when I saw John when John and I started working together at Georgia and he was a freshman and I was a senior and I was like, I'm senior. I'm the Big Mac vice now away, but wait. And then I was like in this dude, was just writing jokes and coming up with stuff on the spot that I'm like..

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