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We wing drum at Ramat to drop into drama? Ham Drums keys do little trauma center okay case height okay hi I do case it will do say okay so the also had James Okay James Route Jasmina jeopardy's meatball meet up meetable huggies meetable hoagies Hogan's hi. Hey Hi hit me hit. You feel good daddy now talking to you okay so we do the wings you do the dramatic you do the case it is. You'll be all holy. I'm getting hungry. I'm dying to I'm dying Kobayashi's workout routine because number one eats a ton of food to the guys ripped. Yes I do crunches in shape inches. <hes> I also do gene Apu Jen Gee boot Shit Butcha <hes> Bouche <hes> and also jumping Jack. Do you do jumping. Oh jump below jumping chomping jump jockeys jockey some high net I do do you do a I know you do tacos. I'm Barbara Coa Babic poor see that he's he's. He's into it barbecue pork. We like that set the one we liked the best porks the best about Alpaca store store. That's of course is the best the Best Delta Harry Authentic Mexican food daily Taku Japan Lee Injury. They'll attack Oh..

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