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Now to of ram madrid has won the prestigious belmondo prize which is awarded to the world's best football up by journalists around the world rinaldo has won the award for a fifth time remarkably he and leno messy have dominated for a decade as the bbc's senior football reporter in dennis explains it's no surprise renaldo was heavily tipped to win a gain after helping real madrid when lolita and defend their champions league title vi joins marseille in willing this prestigious award for a joint record fifth time but what's amazing is how the pair have truly dominated this event feature during now in the top two in nine of the last ten years ago kantauri was the highest placed primarily player in eighth position while the so englishman hurricane came tent jack welch sharon say wolcott space impressed as arsenal beat spotty boris diaw six now in the europa league neither player has started a premier league game for arsenal this season thumped both scored last night arsenal were already top of group everton ended their european campaign with a first win beating apple on limits assault three now but they cannot progress to the knockout stages rangers have confirmed that graham mercy will remain as the interim manager until the end of the year after the aberdeen boss derek mcinnes turned the job down adopted opted to stay at aberdeen the football association of wales say they are extremely disappointed that their bid to host four you're a 2020 matches at cardiff's principality stadium has been unsuccessful when blay will now host seven games including the semifinals and final deepsea wells' football correspondent dropped phillips has more on the fa of wales reaction they've issued a statement saying their extremely disappointed with the news one they've us full feedback from uefa to understand the reasons behind the vote for future reference and they also say that all the euro 2020 concept of taking to thirty different countries was devised to allow smaller countries like wales to have it in there with a unique opportunity of being involved in staging a major tournament and they make the point the whales has never staged a yearold world cup final and this was its one and only chance to do and so the.

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