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I was like, this looks really good and looks very interesting, but all of the people are going to wanna watch this show or that can now are the people that grew up with team titans and teen titans go. And so they're going to be really excited about a show and then it's going to be so totally different than it might be off putting them when the first thing you hear Robin say is f- Batman, but you know the rest of the word. It's just kind of sets it right. They're like, oh, you know what? I'm I don't think I need to watch this and watching it. So remember when the first images were leaked and we're all like, that's not what star fires gonna look like. She's not gonna look like a corner prostitute. Oh, wait. She is. Oh that. Well, have you ever read the comic. Coach kinda does. It's one thing to have it be here costume, but that's not her costume. I'm hoping. No, I have never read comic star fire in it, but still I. This, I'm so is talking to a lot of people about this. Everyone's like, I don't know if I'm gonna sign up for this service. That showed us very good. And then there's another trailer that made me go, oh, wait, no, that's why I'm signing up for the service. Yes. I mean school. There's a so hang on. Let me talk for just a second about. About titans. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I'm the one. I'm the one with editing editing. So you talk to yourself and then edited in right now? I'm kidding. Yep. Yep. So no. But here's, here's the thing I I was reading tweet from one of the producers back when those things leaked and it said she is on the run in one and she's she's trying to go incognito. Obviously she's going to wear a purple dress. Maybe she wants to be labeled as a woman of the night. You also have to remember, she's not from this planet, so maybe she doesn't get. Maybe that's the first thing she saw like, oh, women dressed like this, these people that are walking around the street. This is what I'll dress the and this is, and this is why I believe that you have to just let it be its own thing and not. You have to be like, this is not star fire. This is its own thing because she does turn orange while she's using powers. She, they showed that in the trailer. Yeah. Beast boy looked good. So be these wide, a live action would be, but beast boy's white in this boy only goes green while he's transforming. And I'm sorry if anybody can say that they have a problem with whitewash Diop being star fire and not being orange, but they're completely fine with beast. Boy, not being grain. That's just racist right there. I'm gonna. I'm gonna say I'm gonna get called out on it. I'm sure because I've been in a car for eight hours today and eight hours or twelve hours yesterday stone has a lot of driving, but I don't get the argument if somebody can give me a valid argument. I all I just want to be. I do not get the argument saying the anti op needs to be orange, but we're okay letting be green if you believe that beats mornings to be green and anti up needs to be orange. That's fine. That means you're focusing on the comic and like. I said, let let's be be its own thing. But if you are saying that Anna Diop needs to be orange and beast is okay being white? I don't. I don't get it. Now, if you're saying you think Anna Diop up, looks like a terrible. Costume design. Okay. I can live with that because that's completely opinion. And I might agree with it from what I've seen so far. But, but at any argument about the orange skin is going to get under my skin, that being said, Robin looks spot on and he has awesome. That's where they threw all their ego, put all of their costume budget..

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