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You know pimple left side. That the ball, there was a loud crack and the ball actually. Rebounded out to the pitchers. Now we're Masefield it. And thinking it was a bun he turned and threw to first base where wally pip first baseman caught the ball got ready to throw it around the in tune. Look toward the plate and he saw that and were seeking to the ground and blood coming out of his head. And You know. Medical help immediately called to the scene. They used is on the Chapman's. had. To revive him so he didn't lose consciousness. And he which led all still here went to the clubhouse or the locker room, and then taken to the hospital and he. Went underwent surgery that night and he didn't survive. He died early the following morning four forty am on August seventeenth were speaking with Mike Sowell about the pitch that killed his book about the death of Ray Chapman in nineteen twenty the only on field fatality in Major League baseball history. What was the reaction in the world of baseball and beyond to the news that ray? Chapman this outstanding. Player twenty, nine years old one of the best in the game had died in the field of play had died as a result of of being hit by a pitch I should say. Well it was. Kind of interesting because several of the other baseball teams were off that day and some of the players were in that area. So they were quite a few players from opposing teams who were at the game and who witnessed this accident or this being. And then of course, the controversy switch to Carl mays when addition to the Greek over champion, there was quite a reaction against the maze and many of the players were calling for maize the banned from Baseball they were Christ- for him to be prosecuted for this. And This has not happened before to I battalion major. League history and they've had some Fatal beaning in the minor leagues very few. But. Only one of them, my knowledge resulted in the pitcher having to go to court to defend himself you know actually being charged with those the charges were dropped. But in this case, you know that the players were talking that boycotting maze. and. So it was. Quite an an uproar in of course, for Cleveland they've lost one of their best players they've lost their standing shortstop. So, there was concern about whether they could still remain independent race. And they fell back immediately. You know they kind of went into a slump. But Eventually the Chapman's backup on the team was lighting shortstop who? was pressed into the starting role he got hurt..

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