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Hall of fame, Chris Carter. Got big mega millions plan. Oh boy here you. So you're the one that is convinced you're gonna win already. Spent most your money coming into work tomorrow. Let's go get this today. We contributions from everyone. This is your last chance. Got it. Success l.. Let me found in Pittsburgh, but our for stories are big story, drama, plain out at Lambeau Field, Monday night football Packers hosting is pick this up with Green Bay trailing in the fourth under two minutes to play Rogers Davante Adams in the end zone tied at thirty Rogers four, twenty five yards passing two scores next drive that was CJ Beth rd picked off by Kevin king. That was too much time for Rogers with ten seconds to go. He it's Adams who had a hundred and thirty two yards on the night setting up Mason Crosby a week after he missed five kicks against the lions Crosby nails the game winner this time as time expires all orchestrated by that guy right there, Aaron Rodgers Packers win here is Rogers on his kickers. Redemption. It's very apropos. What he you went through last week. And the team, the stick with them guys to kind of wrap arms around him and courage them. The way that we do for our teammates was was great. And then he responded, you know, the crowd, my thought was very encouraging. I was trying to figure out if I, if it was kind of a sarcastic cheer, but I felt like it was a pretty heartfelt encouragement after he made, you know four field goals in three extra points. So he was obviously very happy afterwards, and we're very happy for him. I. So there's two ways of looking at this game. You could look at and say, boy, Aaron Rodgers, unbelievable game yet again, or you could say, you know, the Packers should not have gone to in this situation where they were this close against a forty Niners team who is not playing well, see which one were you more impressed with with Aaron Rodgers? Or were you more worried that this came down to the very end serious concerns about Green Bay. There's no way the game should be contested as it is, but you have to give credit in hand the staff there in San Francisco, getting the team ready, getting a backup, quarterback and CJ Bedford ready to play. I mean, I've love his play calling for them to build to make his mini big plays against his Green Bay defence, you know that right there would have to cause you concern. But on the other hand, you have to look at it was cow Shanahan got a quarterback Ray to play is couched Shanahan really the quarterback whispered. Look at the impact that these hat on quarterbacks impact on Maddie ice forget about the MVP season. But when he leaves not only. Cleveland when he left when he left Atlanta and now him being with Jimmy Garoppolo CJ to me, that was one of the things Green Bay. I'm concerned about them in cal- Shanahan getting his team ready in a young quarterback, ready to play on a big stage Monday night. I was very, very impressed with them and what they did offensively. What Rogers did last night was magical? There are reasons to be concerned about Green Bay, and I know we're going to get into those, but he had to perfect two minute drives. The second one wasn't even a two minute drive. He went, seven plays sixty seven yards in forty three seconds in forty three. Second, he he got from his own forty five down to a chip shot. Field goal, four plays in nineteen seconds. He was in such total control on that final drive of the game where he kept looking over to McCarthy one more play. And then with six seconds left, no. Let me get one extra play, just. So when Mason hits this field goal, we don't have to kick off that was the play wearing his throwing it out of bounds. It was perfect ball placement. Yes. Some of them were devante atoms, but one of them was equanimity is Saint Brown. One of the plays on the first two minute drive was to Marquez vault a scant Ling..

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