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To 90 for young outside now gets the hype it from John Collins. Now, Trey along three bank. Oh, pray from just past the logo and a time out clippers to nine. The game hawk. So what? Oh, wait. 99 victory over the Clippers. Trey Young 38 points. Third straight 30 Point game this season, he scored 26. In the second half. Oxygen one for their last five games, also 1/4 straight win at home this season. Pacers will be among the teams that are in action on Wednesday. Meanwhile, in these terrorist lover, it remains out indefinitely after cancer surgery on his kidney. He was part of the Ford team James Harden, trade and doctors discovered a small mass on his kidney during the team, physical and the medical tests prior to that trade being finalized. He's had the surgery. He's expected to make a full recovery. SportsCenter all night, ESPN radio Tuesday. Of course, the day the MBA and the world remembered. Kobe Bryant Lakers. One big in Cleveland on Monday. They were in Philly on Wednesday. Tuesday they laid low. ESPN is Dave McMenamin. Frank Vogel gave his team off today, he said he wanted them all to have their own space and be able to process One year anniversary anyway, they deem fit. They have already flown from Cleveland, Philadelphia. Of course, Philadelphia was the site where they were last year when they were flying from when they found out About the news of Kobe Bryant's passing along with Chiana and seven others, You know that everyone is approaching its the same way. Kobe Bryant's former hometown in Reggio Emilia. Italy in the northern part of the country dedicated a plaza to Kobe and his daughter today and it's right outside the basketball arena there, so anyone walking through the plaza To go to a game or return from a game will walk by an area that wants to remember Kobe for the youthful exuberance and actually, where he fell in love with basketball for the first time when his father was playing Professionally overseas. There, you know, the Lakers will not be wearing their black Bobby uniforms tomorrow. They don't want to put any greater emphasis on what's already a tough time. But certainly he's on everyone's minds and hearts and be Kobe spending several years of his youth living in Italy while his father Joe Bryant, played there. A space Dave McMenamin was talking about includes a plaque and a newly planted tree. Meanwhile, the MBA also mourning the death of Sacred Smith, longtime NBA reporter and television analyst. He died Tuesday after a battle with covert 19. It was 48 Steve Smith, former NBA player and analyst for MBA TV. He's family and I've been knowing Sekou for so long. Um Everybody has said it so eloquently. Um, just the guy that you know. Love to write had his impact on everything you did about basketball love the game. We had We call it the back of the bus crew. It was me are Trish Dennis Scott. We covered the Hawks games and the stories and the fun and the laughter. And first and foremost want to send my condolences out the heather in the three Children. Um, we had so many debates so many great debates, his love and passion of how to grow the game. We could make the game better. His hang time podcast that I know everybody's been on. His impact was It was will be felt, you know, forever because of the way he was as a man. I know sick. Who wasn't about You know, finding out anything other than growing a game at his purest form, and when it was best on You know? Wear my blue and gold today because he's a Michigan man. I'm a Spartan and That's the way I wanted my guy. You know, I'm so heartbroken right now, Matt Grant and Candace, but somebody mixed emotions. I just can't understand not being able to go on without having our debates are conversations I love for Not just a game of basketball. He was a guy that I used to go to, and will still think about all our talks and how he's helped me so much. I had nothing to do with the game of basketball just about the game of life. More than decade, Sekou Smith was seen across all.

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