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Election is ridiculous primary boat roundups i'm jacky quin with ap news minute in south carolina state representative james smith a veteran wins the democratic nomination for governor he will face incumbent republican henry mcmaster november five states held primary races president trump says there's a new future for north korea if it goes forward with complete denuclearisation ceases korea expert victor cha says it looks like things went well in singapore are for success in this summit is war or peace it's a pretty low bar we got piece the american medical association's calling for a ban on assault weapons the doctors group weighing in on the nation's gun violence there were frantic efforts to save bodey miller's young daughter who drowned in los angeles this weekend here's the nine one one call back over airway breathing how long was she in the pool i'm jackie quinn a talented young actors been found dead and as a ps payment editor oscar wells gabriel reports that investigation is now underway the coroner's office in los angeles is looking into the death of jackson odell odell was found unresponsive this past friday he was just twenty years old odell played eric caldwell on abc's the goldbergs he was on the show from two thousand thirteen to twenty fifteen he also had roles in modern family i carly and arrested development in a statement on his twitter pages family rights at the actor and musician was brilliant loving and talented soul and that he would always be shining light i'm oscar wells gabriel a complete denuclearization commitment by north korea's kim jong hoon during his historic summit with president trump has brought in a wave of reaction from asia and beyond australian foreign minister julie bishop says australia things the deal looks good but there's more to be done this is the first positive development we've seen involving north korea in either a decade we are cautiously optimistic but of course the tests will be verification all the denuclearization peron's told kim trump shouldn't be trusted because he could notify any nuclear deal with north korea just as he had pulled out of the landmark twenty fifteen nuclear deal japanese prime minister shinzo abe's welcomed kim's written commitment to complete denuclearisation while china has said it may be time to discuss lifting sanctions on north korea jerry hopkins prolific music journalist who co wrote a million selling biography of the doors that oliver stone drafted into a feature film has died.

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