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And I you know, what I never want to discredit you journalists, but I don't get caught up in that sort of thing. Just because somebody said, well he founded him walking in the locker room. So that means Britain wants out and Bella check that one. Well, I agree with that key shop. But what if like like for me, I can only use myself as an example one of his plan? I'm a hi this is hypothetical right here. But it's it's emblematic of what my career was like when I was particular. Early when I was a beat reporter. What have you what if a player to Calabar Keyshawn Johnson comes to you and directly states? Bam. This is how I feel. That's not the media, then that's you. But but if I'm telling you right directly. I don't like the coach I don't like John group. You're getting it from me. Right. Don't assume that I don't like Jon Gruden because I looked at cross I exact trowel daddy, more screamed at you on the side. I don't assume that I don't like Raul. Just don't don't take. But what happens too often in our sport is everybody's chasing for store and everybody wants to be the first break. I agree and everybody wants to be the guy named goes across the scroll reported by. It was never any friction in Massachusetts to the point where they will go partway. There was never that. It was never that egregious, right? It was everybody has situations in their household, man. Everybody totally in at the end of the day. They both want to land on the same clay. And at the end of the day. They're giving you the results. So what the hell is there? What is it a talk about? I don't know what you're calling about. This guy you you'll get caught up in that. It's almost like the Carson Winston that's coming up. Now, though, they'll like Carson Whitsett player say, that's the way I was going next. That's where I was going for. You know, what my problem is that I had a problem with any anonymous players or whatever I'm like, how do they all of a sudden he becomes selfish? This guy was a lenient pecan. But he is so fish how selfish causing wince every quarterback. This is spotted in the National Football League and selfish. Okay. I see what you're saying. They also fish. You don't think air Rogers is selfish things about air. Roger screamed us young receivers. Doing pre see that you don't think that was selfish. They also, and that's okay. They all airgun and they own way. That's what is it. That's why they successful com race that at the podium. He's giving you a press conference soundbite. He's arrogant will let me ask you this way. Let me ask you this question Keyshawn is it all the same? What I mean by that is this whether it's costing Wentz. Tom radio Amer rods zone, another quarterback being selfish. Now, they're saying the same thing about Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh. Do you judge it all the same put it all in the same bowl? Or is it different because you got a quarterback at once and a while receiving another. Put it all in the same boat other people separated because of the position that they play right? The quarterback can do what he wanted to do. He can have five lockers the moment that receivers say I need to lockers of this guy here. He's a deeper this guy who does he think he is. I don't separate the two, and I never have you don't get preferential treatment because you play quarterback in our play received. 'cause when you're given the ball at my feet, guess what? Is going to be a problem when I'm dropping balls. Just what is going to be a problem? So we we all equal ground. I don't put quarterbacks at least when I play you play. I didn't put you ahead of me. We equal footing. I'm not you know, what I'm saying..

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