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Crisis makes it unsafe to vote in person K. B. C. sandy field not many thought she top government infectious disease specialist testified before Senate committee on efforts to come up with a vaccine to prevent infection there are now at least eight vaccines that are in clinical development and found you says they are moving to produce some even before they know if some of them will work so they can scale up quickly if they end up being approved ABC's Mary Bruce it'll be late fall early winter at the earliest before they know if any of the candidates work in southern Georgia and autopsy on unarmed murdered black jogger Ahmad armory found no alcohol or other substances in his system when he was shot dead the neighbor who video recorded it all is talking I wish I hadn't been there but once again if I hadn't been there the women of India William Roddy Brian was there February twenty third when Travis big Michael and his father Gregory a former police officer are seen killing the unarmed young black man and what they told police was an attempted citizen's arrest while he was recording he won't say but he tells us he's fully cooperating with state authorities who've taken over the case from local prosecutor ABC's Steve osunsami authorities in Austin Texas identified as June and cold the twenty two year old man who got on to the runway at Austin Bergstrom airport apparently with no security clearance he was hit by a Boeing seven thirty seven that was landing and killed you're listening to ABC news K. winners radio time is eleven oh two the corona virus pandemic is attacking Colorado wins in more ways than physically in addition to the economic and physical health impacts of the pandemic there has been a major effect on people's mental health as well Dr Carl Clark the president and CEO of the mental health center of Denver loneliness contributes to people being anxious to proud of clients people think about hurting themselves Clark says the situation lends itself to despair for some and says they have seen crisis calls double compared to last year a western pack of five states including Colorado is asking the federal government for a trillion dollars in direct and flexible relief in the wake of the covert nineteen pandemic listings of sent a letter to congressional leaders saying the money is needed to fund public health public safety and public education as well as help people get back to work they say another stimulus bill is urgently needed to help states recover from the economic hardships caused by the pandemic among those signing the letter governor Poloz and top democratic lawmakers in the Colorado house and Senate jury bell Keighley news radio a new coronavirus stimulus package has been unveiled by house Democrats fox's Mike Emmanuel house speaker Nancy Pelosi has unveiled the next coronavirus relief package it's eighteen hundred fifteen pages estimated price tag of three trillion dollars hello she is selling it ahead of an expected Friday vote in the house the heroes that focuses on three pillars opening our economy safely and soon honoring our heroes and then putting much needed money into the pockets of the American people we can all agree that we must open our economy as quickly as we can but we must do so based on science and data on Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel fox news some Republicans say the house bill is dead on arrival our next update is coming up at eleven thirty I'm the echo show on cable news radio eight fifty AM and ninety four one I found the word news that's what we want meaning the most current and up to date information is just report in these days you just can't get enough food every day I think you've.

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