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It's so funny. How like you. We've painted hopefully the picture on this episode of all the life experiences leading into netscape leading into loud cloud leading into that moment with benchmark and then ovitz joining like it's all it all it gets expressed in andrews. It's wow there's one more principle that you touched on earlier. That i want to a little bit of a bow on. That's a founding. Principle that company. When ben horowitz is getting dressed down in the partner meeting at benchmark and they asked him you know. When are you gonna hire professional. Ceo this becomes a major tenant of entries and horowitz about technical founders being ceo's and being armed with the resources that they need and the ability to even before they would otherwise acquire those skills sort of have a leap on being a professional ceo. And there's two thousand three interview. I love reading things from two thousand and three About mark and ben because it's a really interesting perspective where it's post netscape post loud cloud post crash but they're just angel investors. It's been six years before they start..

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