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Who were calling that person their guru but i resisted calling anybody outside my physical salt migrate through a may see my mentor or teacher or a model and the person that came close to be called guru would say i'm not you grew at drop a deep transit go within what you know your inner girl you see that reflections on those out there who are reflecting your integral route to you when i'm i did at here's he got the first time at bob around us 'cause he does these skype 'cause i couldn't believe the you would these skype causing i sign up for wine and dairy was on my screen and i was just so shocked at of what are what i said to him was at are you might guru who who italy any response he gets his you know ramda's he gets his beaming smile on his face nikos sure on your guru now what some people need your mic who wrote in order to help pull them out of big over exposed to may be dark heavy energies in their life right and they need to my to model the the positive upper direction yes yes now but but you are in many in many interviews you eat the what you when you talk about yourself it's obviously correct me if i'm wrong it sounds as though you're implying that you chose this incarnation or that this is you do you decided to manifest is this being that you are right now i have a feeling that there was some intention and some design for my being here in this earth experience at this time time like a glimpses of fact that my being drawn to music is a carryover from the previous or another.

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