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Right in theory. That is how it could play out. Mario trap gauge over here. How he'll traps guizhou. What what is a was going. On trapezoid champ just got done with last sparring session of For boorda wars and Feeling good a set so I'm talking Right now talking. Dirt what we talk in sham. Tell me d'oeuvres in galena. Have you ever heard of him. I have not informed me. D'oeuvres incor- lena is Lee opponent replacement for bodu jack. Yes yes yes. I did a read. That article on the boxing voice dot com written by julio and Yes i was aware that i just you know the name. I did. Not realize yeah. Man hailing all the way from venezuela stepping in short notice. Fifteen wins thirteen cao's damn near ninety percent knockout ratio. Y'all how's it. Been here before dog like i swear to. God you cannot take guys from venezuela or from those kinds of countries like that with these kinds of records lightly like picking him. And i'm not saying that he's gonna pull the upset because i really don't even know him. But you gotta be careful with these kind of dudes for sure for sure men. And that's the reason i bring it up is because it's like babu. Jack was expecting john. Pascal his mind was expecting john. Pascal he was working out for pascal. Now he gets his door. He gets his duties looking at his bio trays. They meant his looking old. He's looking like an internal bandette as tight. Man he does. He does look like token there is. You're right and and and he loses focus and then y y ole boy steps on a scene knocks out paskov but it looks like i mean in essex was good champ. Goodfellas was going bill. We we we we. We could call him trapezoid. Mario showed him. I told him. I mean i said put your money. Where the hell you want to put your money where he got these to me on sunday and tell me. I didn't tell you before you know. I'm so ready dog. i'm so ready. Let me stop each murray. You looking like rusada. Yeah that's a good reference. Right there mario. Or i mean because our i know i mean gets thorough on his. Show Do you guys know anybody on this undercard like i think. I know archie shot. That's the only name that seems like it's like somebody i might have heard of. He's also the only fighter that has a reason reasonable. S you talk about this all the time. You gotta have a reasonable enough instagram presence for us to try to recognize you for real. That's a big part. Of what point. If i can find you the natural is gonna bring me first of all david wadsworth turn. We wanna see what he's gonna look like. But when you look at the undercard you looking for those names that you might know in honestly I think it's integral to sharp or something like that. It's don't use. Remember the cat yemen. I don't know anybody. But i think i'll be honest. The danube la bagged on dental fi. Does it for me enough. That's like all. I need because i think he's in a legit of dangerous fight coming back after injury to go in there with a guy like bagged on dental. That you know. Look i'm not gonna stretch the truth. Well he's only known for losing but he's only loan for losing to the top so you know that's it. How much is left. Or how much can he give a guy that isn't on the top and dubai has improving that he's on top. He failed trying to get you know on in that test rather to show that he was in the top. So like you know. This is a dangerous five. We we get to see how his his eye healed as well again. We don't have anything that says bagged on cafe like he's just known as a loser though. I mean that's true but listen and you said real quick. I just want to make this known you said to wa- failed the test. You're absolutely right. He lost that fight but he was having success. In that fight there was a judge that had him up on the cards against joe. Joyce maybe two of them if i if i if i remember correctly you know joe. Joyce showed levels in that fight. He showed what he could do with just a jet that made him dangerous. I don't think that necessarily that means that. Daniel bar is it it just we still have questions you know. And so from that perspective you know. That's what interests me. You know fighting. A guy like Dinner because you know like you said he's only lost to the top like one of those things where he has to bounce back. Do what has to bounce back. And he has to do it. Impressively for for do wop the fight with joyce or he fought another. I want to say level of competition like a parker. I think you know passing. The test was taken a fight with joseph parker. Somebody that people might have thought without boxing in we was only counting on the wasp power for the most part But yeah i mean the fact that he he got well. And i mean to me this return. You're not make. Maybe the return is the real test hat as he looked does he looked tentative me. If he looks as tentative is andy did then. We're going to have a lot of questions because aired hall. Dan and even suffered injury any lieutenant. So do is tinted. Due to an injury we can understand it But you know. That's what we want to see how he gonna look what. What's his spirit. Look like definitely because you know. He's he's used if if if they let him spar he was sparring headgear. You know with the with the protective bar more than likely You know and and Will he flinch. You know because he doesn't wanna get hit because he's expecting the pain. It's going to be interesting and this is what is the fight. They did a good job. Picking bagged on denno. Which is a recognizable name. You know. it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth so Pretty good fight man. Pretty good fight but you are right. That under par teigen. I'd say probably the only look forward to on saturday. Because i mean may well have fights out sunday and i don't think there's anything else on saturday right. That's this is it. No this is it. We're going out early. Yeah but like you said. I mean the main event is everything You know the card. You do have a bunch of undefeated guy you know You know say what you want about that but you do. Have tommy furey on the card. I think that it is worth in the co heaping word. He should have been the co main because he has more juice than anybody else on this card. And except for because he's been mentioned as a jake. Paul haswell opponent era. So he's got to do that yet. That that i've thought about that too soon as you said it. If tommy furey zone car. He got to get his his john fury on. He gotta get his luke fairy on. He got to have the gift of gab. Because as we can see you know the moving over to showtime witted getting a little bit more involved with maybe some some boxing heads like yellow man disguise. Coming over man in a guy like tommy furey. Did this elites crazy that he could make such an announcement against a non professional. This is a great fight for him. If he can make him and jake have that in common did they fight. Nobody and people tune in even though get you gotta give jay credit like asker in or s whatever he somebody now woodley is actually somebody and You know epson gives or whatever. His name is absent in his own right. He was able to build his platform and started the whole youtube. Thing with jake I just think that tommy while he's popular and i'm saying he deserves to be the co main of this fight with dubois man. He's gotta be kind of tight like that. Jake is like i mean blowing. Jake gutter real do on showtime and tommy's like the opener on on some fight versus a dude. It's like four and fourteen. i think was. Is this the resume right. yeah well. He's fighting georgian grant. Who's to know Tommy tommy furious fighting jordan grant. Who is to. Here's the thing though that you gotta understand about it though it's like i understand what you're saying and you are right and it might calls tommy. Some you know frustrate affiliates. The thing is is that tommy's doing tommy is approaching the boxing lifestyle. Okay he's approaching the the The instruction manual for a boxer right. So this is who you fight when you're five and you fight guys like this right to jake. He the reason he's on the platform he is is because he didn't go the boxer route. You know he went the youtube tiktok. You know Social media route and it paid off for him. But but tommy's got all his eggs invest in this basket tomorrow. Jay could decide to be a rapper or decided to be a popstar. Decide to be a stunt man decided to be anything that it's going to fat in the wallet of jake paul because that's the business studies in. I don't know..

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