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It depends on who the democrats put up well the hollywood tape was still going to be there that's not going to go away you're right but they might put up somebody like al franken and then i'll have to vote for trump sam thanks for calling i appreciate it love yourself thank you i appreciate it triple eight nine seven one s eight g triple eight nine seven one seven two four let's get back to the dave rubin interview that i had last week in order to to be successful this this was an aide to bill clinton he thinking needed to do three things to escape poverty graduate from high school don't have the cape before your twenty and getting married before you have a kid if you follow that formula only seven or eight percent of people are poor however if you don't follow that formula majority of people are going to be poor that's it now what does that have to do with racism would have do with david duke claim that to me all right so let's talk about california a little bit in la in particular because as you said born and bred in la south central if i'm not mistaken right now they call it south la because south central has a negative connotation so he moved it now they call it that's very fancy that's very fancy but we we actually live about ten minutes away from each other how somebody is in l a if they refer to the area where i grew up in south central africa south anybody north of fifty call the south central and by south of fifty calls i did not even know it was south la now yeah what are you gonna bring the mustache back every time i google image search you and there's only one i wanna rock the fro back you see my picture that picture i re tweeted that picture because you add that was that was like well what happened is said you think your wife you've always wanted to be white you probably always wanted to do i really would that figure that one out to that one.

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