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The scale back use on those chokeholds unless deadly force is authorized. WSB news time is 2 31. You might have noticed the change in your neighborhood lately? Yep. Sprint stores are now t mobile stores. Now that scratches T Mobile, you get more coverage, value and benefits and ever before we've invested billions to bring our five G from big cities to small towns across America. Great coverage is just the start high speed mobile hotspot data to weekly deals and giveaways. Our customers get tons of great benefits head to your new T mobile store to learn more qualifying service and capable device required coverage not available in some areas. Some uses me require certain planner features t-mobile com I'm consumer investigator Dale Cardwell. I've trusted America's best choice for years for replacement windows inside. I've done the research. There are a great choice for Windows inside and they can be yours. America's best choices. A James Hardie elite preferred contractor from classic and historic to sleek and modern, You can choose their James Hardie, Ultratech composite or vinyl siding. Choose from dozens of designs and colors there. Three way warranty includes my $10,000 make it right guarantee, meaning you'll never risk your spin with America's best choice. Thanks, Dale. You can't find better products on the market. Certainly not at the prices we offer. We have the best siding and window prices in Atlanta with our highly skilled professional crews, you can feel secure with your home improvement project. And it's always the same unmatched quality and customer service you've come to expect from America's best choice. Give us a call today for a free in home consultation or visit our website ABC. Wind dot com D C. Politicians are proposing new tax increases on American industries. Just as we begin to recover from the pandemic. Politicians want to experiment with risky new taxes, weakening the US economy, making us less competitive when we can least afford it. America's recovery counts on all of us. We can Of Ford. More taxes. Tell Caroline Bordeaux and Lucy McBath. Don't overtax American industry. Get.

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