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Pretty particular. They were saying less. Today's cows silas which can basically be translated into the three grounds or the three circumstances. So that's a less three scou- sally's i mean it's like it's it doesn't roll right off of your tongue. I'm trying to think of ever used the word. Gauss silas anywhere in my life in spanish. And i'm like. I don't think i've ever used that word. So kisses to the last three days. Cow sally's yes. So the silence. Which was a word that i've personally gotten very used to saying because i've been in the middle of these protests They're basically three circumstances under which women would be allowed to have an abortion and these are considered sort of the basic circumstances right. So it's when there has been a case of rape or incest when the fetus non non-viable and when the health of the woman is at risk and the thing is my these are considered basic human rights. So it's actually a big deal to have these three cow sally's because in some places you don't have any in other words. Abortion is illegal. No if ands or buts right yes. That's right and one of those places is the dominican republic so in the dominican republic. Right now even if a woman's life is at risk even if there's a case of incest illegal for them to seek an abortion yes yes it's illegal and there have been cases of women and girls who have passed away because they haven't had access to abortion while being at the hospital while doctors know that this could save their life and it's honestly very angering was it's like basic you know it's like the minimum rice so people are not asking for free abortion access. This is rather only under these three cases and it has been very very difficult for feminist activists and women to get these three approved because conservatives and christians have such a strong hold on the government here and that's stronghold on the government isn't new in fact. This law is based on a penal code. That was passed in the year. And so okay. Let me get this right here. This penal code was passed in the year. Eighteen eighty four. And it's still being used. I mean are we serious here. Yes yes we are serious. When i first reported on this story. I'm going to be honest with you. I wrote nine nineteen four. Because i thought that was the right number and then when i was fact checking it blew my mind that it was actually eighteen eighty four. So how does that. Eighteen eighty four penal code. Have anything to do with what's happening now in terms of women and reproductive rights right now the penal code says women can go to prison for up to two years if they have an abortion and up to twenty years for doctors who practice abortions. Wow so what's happening now. Is that the penal code is actually being reviewed by this new government. That was sworn in last year. If you remember the story that we did hear that i spoke to you about the previous ruling party had been in government for about sixteen years and last year. The dominican republic made history when they voted in a new government headed by salvino there during his campaign. He said that he was in favor of the three gosselies. And then when he became president one of the things new government took on was revising the penal code however when they initially presented their reform in congress it did not include the three calls sally's so did the candidate of united make a promise during his campaign to kind of deliver on.

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