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Episode. This one was a doozy This is probing december seven th two thousand sixteen however the night that we reported this was the presidential elections kind of came in the door thinking that hillary clinton had it in the bag and midway through the episode. You just here mass. Because we found out the winner it was going to be that night and we didn't know what was in for anyway stephen. hill Good friend of the show performer executive. Now just general. Love music journey with us amazing. Show hope you enjoy steve hill. On plus loves classic december seven thousand sixty pre roll. Call suprema self remote roll. Call up pretty much so pre roll call. Prima goal name is quest love resident. Miss nothing nothing. The president took so long fremont my name is fontaine. Yes my style so elegant. Some even say yeah. I'm too intelligent. Spell the name steven just like our guest. The only difference so free free role bills..

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