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Thank you for hopping on the day. Now neutral happy here yet. So i would love to just jump right in and i kind of talk or hear from you about what no could dot tech actually is yes so could take as one of the largest no code education and information sites. There will less details of over two hundred and fifty deafen twos and help. People can feigned insulated. I two we also have an awkward university that teaches people how to build web apps mobile apps as well awesome awesome. So you know. I led growth at one a while back and i remember one of our main sources for traffic was actually no co dot check. you do build a lot of relationships with these different companies. Kind of what does that look like. What what do you do to get. You know all of these visitors on your site and then you know facilitate them to where they need to go. Yes so we partner with a lot of different companies most of their most popular new code at beau desert their website builders you know come using loss of different categories and i think over the years noko. It's been now original. Since since two thousand sixteen. Bob over the years were just a good reputation of making it easy for people with faint tools and medications given a short bought but concise and help for the views on twos. And or what was best for what your skids really. Just go up. I guess about an affordable at above and an expertise on on the new cuisine in general. And thank you don't farrah's alot of audience comes from places wake seo and so we just focus really really hall going. Hey do you get people to to come to the website to to quickly really quickly you know less than tools at once and then and then essentially choose from there own is what we kinda focus on optimize for awesome. Yeah that makes total sense. So i guess another question i have then is. How long have you been working on. Noko dot did you build it from scratch like what. What is it built on like. How does that. How does that work so nuku. Don't take responded and twenty sixty. It was actually founded by code some day around twenty eighteen boat a wooden saudi buying the website from some and then grown up from there. So i bought it from him. You're not grown ever since ball. Those first couple of years you know had nothing to do. If i end up just gonna feigned enough on a whim a in two thousand eighteen when i was looking to buy a business and so a dopp taking over from the really.

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