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He's rolling the cart in with the filmstrip projector. That's right. Set it up for our show today. What is the topic of today's film strip? The topic of today's filmstrip is the World Series in four K I watched it last night and it was beautiful. Yeah, where did you get it from? So not the TV. 'cause it's not on four K on the TV or on the cable. But I subscribe to YouTube TV and pay a ridiculous 20 bucks extra. And I only did that back with the Winter Olympics a year ago because that was in four K but I thought someday I'll be able to use this. And so now when I went to my YouTube TV say, I want to watch the World Series that says, okay, you can watch it on your local Fox channel, which channel two here. Or you could stream it in four K from Fox and I chose that. It's the same broadcast, same ads. But does that look good or what? Oh, man. I didn't see it last night because I haven't signed up for YouTube TV. I'm going to because I want to you could do it with a Fox Sports app, I think, as well. You can. You can also do it with a Fox Sports app, that means you have to have a subscription from cable or satellite or some streaming service that gives you TV everywhere. That's the thing. You need to sign into. You can also get it on FuboTV. Which costs 70 bucks a month. For their four K option, I guess. But you're paying a total of 85 a month. I was a lot. It's cheaper than cable I get. No, not really. There's no excuse. I have a four K TV and it looks great. And it looks great. It looks great. Now I will tell you this, they're capturing it in HDR, high dynamic range, which is wonderful. But they're capturing it in 1080p and then upscaling it. Yeah. Oh, it's not native four K. Well, it's true, but they have much better upscaling at their end than we have as consumers at our end. The only thing I will tell you is Fox likes to do extreme close ups of the players. And in four K, they look kind of grimy. You see every especially Jason worth. You don't want to see a close up. I'm sorry. But it made you feel like you were at the game. But now I'm disappointed in this upscale ten 80. It looked like four K. I mean, it really felt like. And as I say, they're upscaler. They're professional upscale. Far better than the upscaler, if you've got a ten 80 signal into your four K TV, it would upscale it to four K two. It does. Automatically. But it's not as good, not nearly as good. And I tell you what a great game to watch at four K. So we did actually just write. So I watched the beginning where they were Phillies were losing 5 nothing. I saw them come back. And then Lisa came in the room. So I said, well, let's watch confess fletch. With Jon Hamm, which was quite good, recommended. That was a kind of shortish movie. And I said, I wonder if the game's still on. It was still 5 5 in the 9th. Wow. Yeah. So I got to see the best parts of the game. And this is the only problem with baseball.

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