Amnesty, Mr President William It, Mr Wells discussed on 1865



I remain eager to get back to the business of the state. I look forward to our meeting this afternoon. In deeply appreciate your accommodating my condition by bringing ringing the Cabinet Secretary of State for the Shooting Death Stanton Mr President I believe it is high nighttime resolved the issue of amnesty once and for all so we can move on to more important issue those lands belong to the Friedman's bureau. That's tantamount to saying they belong to you. Promises have been and Mr Wells promises must be kept secretary seward. What is your opinion well? I've reviewed the amnesty proposal and it's an excellent compromise. Mr President William it's time to reunite the country and when amnesty is the best path for Amnesty is the best pet that are you out of your mind me finish. I've also finished reviewing the evidence. Mrs. Stanton has compiled it gave me pause Mr the president well. I'd like to hear the evidence so would I wouldn't after we put the Negroes into the fight. The rebels began to see the writing on.

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