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Years the correct answer is thirty eight years and three days thirty eight years in three days holy moley yep i know everybody's freaking out about that i i guarantee you that camp was no fun for the last twenty years of its life well done i feel like yeah you were amazing on that and so is our crowd that was wisdom of the crowd roll down jonathan well done the audio it's time to crown our big winner let's bring back our finalists damien vendor putin who learned that he's more free to falling then spyders and amanda gilligan who will give her third graders credit for making far jokes president greg looks good take it away amanda in damien we have played hundreds of games over the years on asked me and other and i'm happy to announce that your final round is our one thousandth of game and of course that means that every answer in this game will contain the consecutive letters usa just like the word thousandth our big winner will receive an asked me and other rubik's cube an avocado signed but not grown by jason mraz so we roll to twenty sided dieback stage in a mandate you will go first here we up amanda this jamaican runner holds eight olympic gold medals hussein not that is correct damien this women's rights advocate was once pictured on the us onedollar coin susan be anthony that is correct amanda this actor known for her roles in thelma and louise and bull durham recently played bette davis in feud susan sarandon that is correct damien also known as judicial disqualification this word refers to win a judge removed him or herself from a case due to a conflict of interest refusal that is correct.

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