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On them lightly and do that periodically throughout your job to kind of test the roadway and just about how the conditions are actually on the roads as you are driving around. Carlos Ramirez will be traffic. The weather in Hollywood will impact your early Thursday morning commutes already started to do that for that we go live now to Mike stenner with an update from storm team four this morning. And good morning, we're seeing temperatures at or below freezing now in Frederick, Gaithersburg, Leesburg, front royal, and Winchester mentioned during the traffic report Carlos talk about the I 66 is icy all the way from an asset to front run right now. I 81 is icy. Starting to see some good deal of sleep down along I 95 from the beltway southward. The Freddie parks do watch out for some slick bridges and overpasses. And I'm quite concerned now about interstate two 70, especially from Montgomery northward. Monica, northern Montgomery county, north where it should Frederick. And also interstate 70 from south mountain through Frederick all the way to Baltimore as temperatures here have tumbled to around freezing. So messy mix of sleep, freezing rain and rain, becoming manly freezing rain and rain as the morning goes on. Manly range of the east of I 95. Eventually we'll see the precipitation becoming all rain from east to west as the morning goes on, look for highs later today in the upper 30s to mid 40s, rain could be heavy at times. Layers night, The Rain will come to an antelope's mid 30s to low 40, so not a brief race. We'll turn partly sunny and breeze you tomorrow with highs in the mid to upper 40s. Frederick down to 32° right now warranton 34 right now dean, we have a temperature of 36 orega national. All right, thanks, Mike, storm team four's Mike cinderford live with us on how this is affecting all of your morning rush. This Thursday morning December 15th. We'll keep you updated. Keep your dial right where it is. 103.5 FM, WTO P dot com and of course when the WTO

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