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Out there in Mesa Trump doing what Trump does puts on a show. That's kind of what it is you text again love hearing from you three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three. At Chad Benson show Twitter. Somebody who was out there covered the entire thing from top to bottom Mark Carlson. A very, oh what's going on brother? Well, okay. I tell you it looks like a NASCAR been out here right now, you know after the race. I mean, it's total gridlock as people try to get out of here. And if you're listening to my voice, you're not moving. No, no. So you know, I talked to I talked to Jim cross earlier. What what do you how many people? Do you think were there? You know, I'm gonna say maybe ten I mean, there were people that didn't get into place. And I just talked to a gentleman a little while ago. And he watched the whole thing outside, and he wasn't upset about that. At all. I mean, he enjoyed it. It is a nice evening out here. And he he waited for hours and decided a couldn't get in. So you just watch the big screen, and it was perfectly content with watching it on TV, or you know, the big screen out here. So so that's not. So let's talk about you know, it is a Trump rally. Trump is there MC Sally. And as we all know, wherever Trump goes, usually there is a throng of people who were not happy who who Trump is. And what he stands for? What was the the protests didn't seem to be much of a protest? I would say there were maybe twelve protesters that I counted. I mean, there was some yelling back and forth. But they were drowned out. I mean, there was no contest. They did get at if you of yelling screaming, I never got one. Our Lady that I talked to. I think she. He was getting your picture taken by the tropical was wondering why they would be taking picture, and I guess we're gonna posted on liners. She was. I tell you what. Oh. Yeah. She had a dog had I guess and. And. Guys are getting. All right. Well, there's more carlse. Appreciate you coming on tonight. Mark. We're losing you in and out there. Be safe. Get yourself. Back to the station. Hopefully, lickety-split it's tough out there crazy night, though. Crazy, not when you just many of you texting and tweeting. And and some of you are mad at me because I dare say something he gets Trump at stopping sycophant for Trump. The beauty of who you're going to get with me. If you listen to the show, and he spent this last year with me is the fact that I'm going to be as honest as I possibly can with the facts in front of me Trump once again, he over sells it somebody says over cells, and that's exactly what it is for politicians. And here's one of the things, you know for politicians. They're going to oversell they're going to promise you the world and rarely are they going to deliver your front lawn. If you will they're going to tell you going to get everything in the world, and what they give you is your front lawn. If you're lucky you may get your backyard Trump tonight, did what Trump does he gets excited? He says things and he gets people fired up. That's why he loves doing what he's doing. And this is the this is the maga- make America great again. But soon we're gonna have the the the the the. Which is keep America. Great again. We're going to keep America. Great again, he talks tonight, and it's the angry mob of the dam. The Democrats have become an angry unhinged mob determined.

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