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Of showers eyes the mid upper seventies work forty degrees coming up wrestling by daily commentary brought you by jury guides find those were the days Oberlin College in Ohio started as the first coed institution of higher learning did you ever go to all girls school never Jerry I I can't imagine going to an all boys school that would just be weird I can't I I I just don't understand why everything wasn't just all in automatically coed got a school lot more fun well sure what did I mean I'm sure is something to look forward to and get out of bed for it definitely wasn't the reading writing arithmetic and turning seventy one years old today Ozzie Osborne is seventy one years old and I tell you last time I saw him at the Verizon at one of the oz fest it was painful watch him anymore it was just it was just god awful to watch after seeing him for so long so with Black Sabbath he does also a career in and see them and that frail and it just you know staggering around it just was not not entertaining for me I'm surprised that he actually sings live anymore a you know as does does he make does it turn around don't know I don't know for sure that he does what is that looks like he does but I like I said it was just so painful to watch him that I couldn't take it favorite all the song solo your tears no more tears I like al album I like the lab was a great album I like the blizzard of oz but I had no more tears I would have say has a special place in my heart all right coming up to the seven o'clock hour gym four sides under the weather apparently there's an epidemic yes Jim foresight will skip his commentaries this morning so we'll well guess we'll update you on the elf Louise radiothon the kicks off this Friday but here's Rush Limbaugh daily commentary brought you by juries guides a little flat George Martin St president trump's tweets which she thought were private she complained of the fort worth Texas school where.

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