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That in areas in which the game is volving and you think about the thing about it is a workplace but you see situations like this where i see exactly what it feels pretty obvious when area is doing it feels like this you know this sort of thing happens all time it works a lot of the time but this is not the style of leadership or or co worker nece that i would respond to it it's just one of those moments where you feel like mad these like these are completely different people for from able at i know this is not hoesch unfinished descends on our weekly ringer conference call but i think neither you nor i mean we're just not wired like major league baseball players which is one of the many reasons why we are not major league baseball players but i think this sort of motivational style works and it's not like area didn't have a point this was a horse shit serious as he said in every way and he was calling out the shifting specifically we don't have a perfect measure of the efficacy of team shifts i don't think but the one we do have from baseball info solutions says that the phillies have indeed been by far the worst team in terms of shifting results this year and that doesn't include outfield shifts it may not really measure comprehensively all of the effects that can come from shift but i think based on what we do know it seems like shifts have been backfiring for the phillies more often than for most teams this year and when areas harrieta said copy the best just copy other teams it's working for maybe he's talking about the cubs who of course said some incredible defensive teams while area was in chicago and haven't to actually shifted all that much at least as based on physicians measures shifts part part of the problem said kingery is not a shortstop right and just the the defensive downgrade from chris bryan addison russell on the left side of the field to michael francke and scott king released until.

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