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The SPN baskets coming up here before we get out of here. But there were a couple of big fights last night, the UFC and boxing, centerstage, boxing, Willie bigger canal Alvarez, he's really become the pace of the sport. There's not much much else out. There won't be many cow was like a hundred years old and Mayweather comes back every now and then and there's nothing going on in the heavyweight division. So it's really all about canal. I've been to a bunch of Cannella fights both in Las Vegas and New York, and he demand that's the bottom line can ellos the man. And of course, he's got Oscar de LA Hoya in his corner. And he did this deal with dozen misapplication DAC and dozen. It's like the most I dunno the most expensive he got more money than than anybody ever anywhere. Basically. I don't know how much he got. But it's like the hundreds of millions an unbelievable deal and he fought last night. Danny jacobs. Danny Jacobs is a great kid. I love Danny Jacobs interviewed him a couple of times actually, very very good story to and he gave it a pretty good goal early in the fight. He was being controlled by canal. He really didn't gain anything on points as the fight progressed. The younger Danny became a little more aggressive about the second half of the fight Danny that a much better job than the first half. But he didn't do enough. So I was okay. With the decision that gave canal Alvarez. The win last night. Then here is us. Go delahoya at the close when it was a wonderful fight Jacobs is amazing competitor is amazing champion. We all said it was going. It'd be very difficult and tough, you know, I had Cannella winning by two three points. Maybe one draw. One of the rounds was a draw tie Jacobs is just I mean, I told you guys he is he is a warrior, so we're very pleased with everything. So they'll it is husky delahoya was a good fight. Danny did a very very good job. But in the end Alvarez did get the win on the UFC side cowboy Surani, I think he's got more wins than anybody in the history of the sport. I think last night was when number thirty seven and that is the most in history. Fact last time I saw him fight about five weeks ago. They were deeming him the best ever based on his win totals and all that good stuff. So he pointed guy last night. How do you say? This guy's name was e to I can't I can tell you. That was a good fight went all five rounds. Well, the is was well if he wins last night go back to that board of there. He wins last night. Then the plan is basically was he would take on a very very big name in the sport coming up next, which would be an unbelievable match up even for the guy like me. That's not a big UFC ban. This is where Stephen a Smith, August, max, Kellerman and Smith is right. I mean Kellerman knows every fighter is into it. I'm not. But you give me this matchup, and I'm going to be in on it in a big way. Here is the Rony enter the win promoting hopefully his next fight. Oh, yeah. I'm coming..

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