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The fbi cutter wanted to talk about the yet we'll see what happens i can say this were you look at what's going on with the fbi and with the justice department people of very very angry he was asked if he would consider a pardon for flynn is unable to talking about pardons for michael flynn yet we'll see what happen jim kallstrom is the former director the new york office of the fbi he is a founding member of the marine corps law enforcement foundation which is a charity that we here at the eib network and lee rush revere time travel adventures with exceptional americans uh completely support we donate money we raise money for them they provide college scholarships for the children and marines killed in action and other branches during a national emergencies castro is a former marine he is a died in the wall acknowledged patriot is a former fbi director and he is worried about what is happening to the fbi the fbi the people i knew and the fbi were vietnam war vets many of them and they came back they got in law enforcement some of them went to the fbi agents cow strum dead rose up the ranks of of the top executive in the new york office uh many of them are at the fbi in various ways the people i knew and know and that big clear different breed i mean you would not read about this kind of stuff.

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