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In easy enough to make for any. If you will yet college student, if you're a single, mom, whatever it is. It's not something very difficult or you need to have a huge background in tecnique. Right. Yeah. Right. Because that's how I learned to cook. I mean, I was a working girl, a working mom, and I learned to cook out of other people's cookbooks. And you don't want it to be a whole intimidating process. Yeah. And especially I think that people think that clean food is like impenetrably difficult or weird. And so I think that's what's so great about this book. Right that it's just delicious food is genuinely so playing like cabbage soup. Yeah. I think you guys were. So I mean, I should just tell all the podcast listeners. How instrumental the two of you are in the making of spoke and how much of the recipe development you did. And how much you invented all of these amazing? I mean, you know, like the I was detoxing. And I wanted you want something did you can bite your teeth into you came up with those taco shells made of squash and Hickam ah. It's just so genius. It's like it doesn't it doesn't present like detox food yet. Smell like, you talks food. It's so that was sort of the goal. I think throughout this book is to make it not as scary. Because detox the word in nervous self is sort of like intimidating, and you don't want to do it. But if it tastes good in Risi enough than why not just if it dry, if it sort of familiar, if it's like, okay? Like meat balls. We. Can all get you know, talk taco. Yeah. And I think, you know, the idea is how great to have the sort of Thome of recipes that it's not if you if you, you know, one of the use cases, I'm on a detox. I don't know what to eat. 'cause I mean, that's how I basically started with. It's all good, right? Might that second book where I was trying to clean up my diet and do a finite cleanse, and I couldn't I was also like hallucinating with fatigue. And I couldn't think of stuff to make that was on the plans that will next time if I ever detox again, I'm gonna write down recipe ideas and things that could may and that was the seed of that book, and I think with this book, it's really like you can look at it as I wanted to clans. I wanna do something finite in really deep and healing or if you just like clean food, or if you're like me like to eat super clean until dinner. Yeah. Just if there's just one recipe lake and it's clear, right? That's worth it. You know, you don't have to follow every doctor's protocol or you can write their options and most of the recipes in the book are fit within each doctor's protocol. So or they can with like very like totally low lift modification, right? Speaking of the doctor's like, that's one thing the clean plate almost feels like a follow up to. It's all good like its next level. Title like big sister. Like, just, you know, not your average the graduate school for sure. But one thing that I think makes the clean plate. So interesting is the inclusion of the doctors. Yeah. So that was something that was really important to you from the beginning. So can you talk a little bit about like what what that means for the buffs? I mean, it's really interesting to me 'cause there's a lot of debate around detox. And there are a lot of western doctors that think detox is bullshit, and they think that the body detoxifying itself. And we don't need to do anything to aid in the detox vacation process. And then, but there are MD's who are looking at nutrition different way and saying will actually, you know, especially for certain people these particular foods act as inflammatory agents in the body, and that causes a process it's hard on the body in that can their links. Being made to the microbiome and overall health and auto immune issues, and how much, you know, all of these things can really be aided by eating in this super clean way..

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