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Eight forty w. h. a. s. we are across bent bluegrass it's, in Middletown and it is a heck of. A facility we're here in honor. Of MRs gels Dolores Dolores? Is she she made, it third she improved? From what was it ten last year in. The world never the kospi games were on ESPN this past two weeks ago or, last week and she went up to. Wisconsin competed and now she is third in the world in, age group and it's as impressive as I've. Ever seen, it's yes she went in with a tenth in the world ranking and then finish you, gotta, think man that's a lot. Of pressure we'll talk to her a lot of our gateway Again a little bit later we're going to talk to somebody in the Bahamas one. Of the chaos our boys the. One that's going to be? Sober enough to talk, about what's going to? Games go on tomorrow Kentucky basketball inaction right. Here on NewsRadio eight forty w h s starting at six thirty tomorrow so you, only get a half an hour of. Tony and Dwight I will talk about basketball you're gonna take, the night off right hey that sounds good. To me, okay all right but here's the thing about go home and UK basketball on my wife, bathroom, I'll just Craig up the. You should just get a hotel I do to Dog, lemme? That, way listening the dog I. Just. Got confirmation. In the seven o'clock hour our dear friend Mary turns ninety two years old. Today my mother my sweet mothers on a way to pick. Her up here No way dare her to pick up one of these Oh Well look doing this stuff is how you reach. Ninety. Two there is a new KFC Colonel. Sanders you know who it, is. George Costanza yours. Costanza that's. Right. Jason Alexander from. Seinfeld You know when they first started doing. This. The very first KFC Colonel a believe. Lewis McDonald and he did, a. Bang-up job at. Least off. Bomb. Enormous Donald fan I thought well why did you drop him and they. Keep picking different people up well I don't know I I was sort of upset about it because they. Seem to, ridicule the whole thing and I. Didn't like it and then when I found out. They're just going to rotate it and. Make it sort of a bit I went you know what, I'm okay, with it is kinda. Funny because it's a different one every I I wa without eating KFC. But when. I found out that is on, the paleo. Lists you. Know it's, on paleo fried. Chicken is on the paleo is. You can eat all the fried chicken you, want I. Started going to, KFC again that man. That's good, chicken I it's just. Good it's just an even the sandwiches I know it's not the, breads now paleo? But man. Oh my gosh the Kentucky Fried, Chicken I'm. Sorry it's just, the. Best have you tried the Nashville hot and it. Comes with the pickles yes or no, I know, and then they have some golden, whatever sauce it's delicious.

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