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Body and rolls out his roughly $2 trillion American jobs plan this afternoon and economic speech in Pittsburgh, making infrastructure, the second big ticket legislative push of his presidency. Biden is coupling the plan with tax hikes on corporations through a American tax plan, which the White House says will pay the full infrastructure costs over 15 years. ABC is Karen Travers is in Washington with more Speaker Nancy Pelosi told House Democrats Monday she hopes to pass an infrastructure package by July, 4th. The Independence Day holiday may feel like a long time away. But for Congress, that's an incredibly quick timeline to take the president's proposal and turn it into legislation. The president's wife, Dr Jill Biden, heading to Delano this afternoon. Visor announces their covert vaccine is effective in Children ages. 12 to 15. The news comes as covert 19 cases are on the rise again. Health officials with the White House covert task force say they're worried about another surge in the U. S. Dr. Anthony Fauci, We have seen now immune protection. Against Cove in 19 variants when individuals of vaccinated against the wild type strain on two mechanisms, the anybody response that has a spillover effect. As well as the cross reactivity. Today, Fresno Kings and Madeira counties all move into the substantial risk red tear. That means that restaurants, gyms,.

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