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It and when you look at it There there are a lot of houses and buildings are still like original at least from I think our original they look old right? I do I read that a lot. Anything new is built, you know with a concrete foundation and steel poles and what not, but they're still doing the whole stilts and polls thing to this day with building stuff. So I gotta I gotta quit got off. I gotta wonder how you say when it floods or Portions of the Netherlands still sinking every now and then I would imagine know because we've build dikes and irrigation systems, you know, the Netherlands is a very small country and we should have more than Seventeen million people in it, which is a whole lot. So we needed to clear as much land as we could because otherwise people will be living on top of each other and we already took on top of each other with the high-rises of course, but yes, that's how initially the land got reclaimed from the ocean because we just we needed it and we are very good at engineering we have the most clever minds and they just the way to reclaim that land and we also work with what we call a slice and it's like a Watergate way we can open and close it whenever that needs and then we can regulate the level of the water in the entire Netherlands and that way we can make sure that the Netherlands doesn't slot again. So you have a Country-Wide system. That yes, that is I did not come across that that is wild I can see like City Citywide, you know system for that but a Countrywide country was off as well. You going to make sure about building on top of each other and how jam-packed it is compared to the size of it..

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