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Week ever with the best producers ever, boys in front of our putting this mash up together, and I got to say it was worth the wait a little Did you know? That DMX and his producers were ripping off the master's theme song Way Back in the day, and then we put it together. This is best week ever presented by progressive insurance, and all guests appear via the Goodyear Hotline, where When you think Augusta and golf and DMX you think Marty Smith because those two go hand in hand like pimento cheese sandwiches, Marty, Um, my goodness, man, The rain delay yesterday changed everything, brother. What? What do you take from moving day over at Augusta? Good morning. My friends Happy Sunday Sunday, do you? Yeah, I'm a little taken aback by that sample of the master's piano. When it collided with the mix. Wow, I'm still processing now. That was fantastic. It absolutely changed the complexion of the tournament. Peter, your golf guy. You understand how the how the playing surface changes and certainly the green fairy dust up. They were laser laser laser. Quick. Over the first couple days of the tournament in the first half of yesterday, and where the rest came, man. It. It Was a substantial change and Had a key Matsuyama awas on fire after that. But after the rain and guys like the rules, and Justin Thomas Struggle, and J T feels like he's got himself out of the tournament, starting there on 13, but Um Be fascinating to see what today I just heard Andy North, who, of course, is our multiple major champion analysts. He just said that he feels like Decade. Matsuyama will have immense pressure today. Because you know the fact that he's carried entire country on his shoulders. And I knew that, but I never considered the financial side until Andy said it. He figures it's gonna be nine figures to a billion dollars in endorsements. Uh, Because if he were to win, because I mean he's the first player The lead here. And when you consider what that is, and you consider what he's carrying today, It's not just personal glory. It's not just a forever moment for him, but it's a first or his entire country. And man, that's a lot to bear. But With as good as he is with his irons. Uh, I feel like he has a really good shot to maintain course. He has a substantial lead right that bought in And, uh, Yeah, I was just gonna be a fascinating Sunday always is. Marty. All that pressure aside is the saving grace for her ducky. The fact that there aren't large crowds right now at Augusta, he's not going to have to hear the Tiger roar. Three holes over coming up behind him. Is that a saving grace? Huh? I don't know. What degree that will have on his personal focus. Certainly it changes the complexion of the tournament. Get But Have you know the fact that he's played three days now in kind of the same context? In terms of the patronage. Guess he's somewhat used to it now, any time you you know, you had pressure into any equation. It's going to change it a bit, and his equation is certainly different today than it's been But It is different here. I was here in November when it was super weird. And there was nobody here. I mean, standing three or four ft, away from Dustin Johnson. Tiger Woods from there can't office is a wild experience, but Um The reduced patrons here. It does change some of the aesthetics for the players, but I mean again. They've kind of seen it and I don't know. I don't know A Dickey at all. But he doesn't strike me as somebody who is especially concerned like he doesn't seem to be somebody who Who is concerned about those types of things. Ultimately, I guess we'll see. We'll see that talking to Marty Smith. A lot live from Augusta as we get ready for the final round. Of course, you've got a baby, a different golfer sitting at seven under and one of those interesting players to me. Marty Xander's softly who's six best player in the world as far as his ranking. Seems to be kind of poised to break through. What what's been the buzz about Xander? Not only this week, but just lately in his game that might see him make some type of run here on Sunday. He's one of those guys that can certainly make a run. And that hasn't won and you know Wow, he needs then I chatted with him Peter earlier this week and Kind of broke 2019 a couple years ago when we all saw that amazing comeback, you know, sell Tiger Woods win here. And the most amazing comeback in the history of sport. Zander was the leader of the tournament through 14 on Sunday. And approach that with him and to say that he was honest would be an understatement of colossal proportions. He said, man. He said. I stood at 15 and I looked up at the school board and I said Holy bleep. I'm winning the Masters. And then he probably Changes his drive right and it was a very difficult right home over the last several holes. And I asked him what that learning experience was and what the impact was on him and he said Uh, No now When I look up at the scoreboard, which I still do. There. I've been there. I've learned and I belong here and I'm gonna go close this thing. And oddly enough, I think going back to pressure and psychology I feel like I really like him today because of that experience. He's already lived what it's like to throw it away. So now you can compartmentalize that and just go attack. And I feel like in sports. I mean, you know, you guys are around it all the time. You guys were already elite athletes and coaching minds all the time. That's a very freeing That's a very freeing emotion when you don't have to worry about you have already done it. Mm. And I feel like heavy spoken was andr that that's kind of you on this. This is always good here. And so I feel like he's got a really good chance today to do some damage. Seven top tens and majors. He's had some of that success. I think, ultimately Marty, it comes down to hole number two, and that's pink dogwood. For those who don't know that's the what 575 yard, par five. I feel like if a decade can get by in birdie to it's a lot of people have this week. If he can do that he's going to get so much of a cushion in and that is going to be really tough, especially with some of the moisture that's been out here. That course is gonna be playing a little bit softer. Had we had the same conditions like it was late Friday. On divan. You know, when you started seeing some of the course get hard and firm. I think they would have some issues a decade looks to make not only just masters history but worldwide history and some great stuff over from it North about that earlier, my man, by the way. I didn't get upset until I heard that Travis was your podcast producer this week for Marty Smith's America. And now the fact that I don't get that gig is I'm gonna be talking to management about that, because I mean again. We got to do some staffing changes next year at Augusta. I'm just let you know Yeah. I mean, just pray for me. That's all I got to say. Just doing the, uh one thing to I'll let you go on this going back to kind of the whole mental side of this. Rory McIlroy said to me a couple years ago, something that has really stuck with me that in a game where you cannot play defense against the opponent. A lot of times the opponent becomes a six inch golf course between your ears. And a lot of that A lot of those guys were gonna be facing back today. So we find a man. Nothing better. Nothing better than Sunday at Augusta, Especially when you have one of the best money. Smith being a part of it. Thanks. Marty will holiday soon, but thanks, buddy. Appreciate it. Guys be. Well, there it is. Marty Smith joining us in the Goodyear Hotline. It is interesting because there's so much of a mental game, right? We're talking like Lakers nets last night. Yeah, you don't have the stars, but you can exit. Oh, about that. I mean, why I love golf in so many different ways. Katie is not just I grew up playing it. But the fact that you are the competitors you're the person in the arena and you control your own fate. Right? Like you can. You're trying to achieve perfection. Every single swing. And her deck E has an opportunity to change that..

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