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It was laborious and it had become a in some ways a play thing for Howard Finkel. We're Howard would have guys do interviews that would never air. And when we started looking at the stockpile of everything that we had just came up with a better way to do it. And I stole the idea from mid south because that's how we had done them in mid south, except we did them with actual commentators. We would throw back and forth, and you do generic interview with rapper outs. So what it became was, gene. Being in a. Studio, gene, would do the market specific stuff. Hey, a Lanta. We're going to be there. This Tuesday night at the Omni arena. Tickets are available here. Gene, would do those wrap arounds and then he would throw to talent. And they would do the same interview in that interview would air in every market that that match was pertinent. It wouldn't be specific to Atlanta. But gene stuff would. So it required gene coming to the studio and knocking all of that stuff out. And it was a lot. To Jean felt like a lot more work because he had to come to Stanford in reality. It was a lot less work for gene talent editors everybody. But it was just new and it was and it was different. And then vents counter was looking at it like God damn it. If he lived here would be a problem and that scare gene to death. He did not wanna live in Sanford. Hey did. Good point. Okay. Let's talk about wrestlemainia four this your first wrestlemania. It's a big moment. It's a big time preview and we've done full show on it in the archives. But I feel like you have to have something you can share with us. Jane from that show Jesus. My first my first wrestlemainia, man. And I'm the producer of the show. I'm twenty five years old kid. I'd never produced. The Russell may know what the hell I was doing invents. Told me make sure you have production meetings with all of the commentators. And and make sure that you get with everybody individually and have a production meeting with them and go over everything, Mike. Okay. Yes, sir. Got it. So I'd had. One with gorilla monsoon and those guys which took about an hour and a half or so and my next one was gene Oakland's gene shows up. Jane comes to the room, and he walks in and Rosie. What have we got today? I said, well, let's go show goes do we really need to go over the show. I said, well, yeah, you need to know what you're doing. 'cause I'm gonna be interviewing guys, right? Well, yes, sir. And he's like got it. All right. See their kid and walked out of there. That was my production meeting with Jean ochre Lynn, and he was gone before. I realized what the fuck just happened and everything worked out perfectly. He did interviews. Let's talk about Sean Mooney. Sean Mooney is another guy that I really think about this era. The I mean to me it's maintain Sean Mooney from the announcer side. Sean tweeted out sad day in the world of entertainment, and for the fans of the great at the gene Oakland, as I've long said there was gene Oakland, and then there was the rest of us rest. Well, my friend has tagged goat. I mean, everybody's saying that everybody not just fans people who were in the business people who are, you know, his coworkers in that business. They all regard him as being the goat. What how did gene handle some of the younger talent?.

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