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Me as always is someone who has felt free from the restraints of having to talk about the rock and Roll Hall of fame every week it's kristen stuttered Akerson. Hi Hat. Gosh I have not dedicated. Many thoughts. Many moments to the rock hall like at all. By Liar I am yeah and we're back we obviously were on a hiatus but we have hit the point where the twenty twenty induction ceremony or special whatever you WANNA call it. The long delayed event is around the corner. We've got less than two months until whatever that thing is and we thought it would be appropriate to get back into talking about the hall specifically revisiting the artists just leading up to this HBO Special Now. Have there been any ads for the special has tended been any no promotions no promos really it's still it's been. Quiet on that. Front. As much as it had been. When they decided to not have a ceremony there's been no pretty much no news. And is there like a landing page somewhere assuring us that this is happening in? November I can just see us getting your and then like. Yeah, Bayton switch again. Yeah. That you to me I also I don't think. So we're just kind of going off of their word. was there a press release or something there was definitely Yeah. Press release in an announcement and. That's all we really have to go off of there was an interview or two with some people who were were involved with the hall and I know that it had been stressed that this was not just going to be A. Lame like zoom. Greenie people thinking from their laptop camera. I think they're. Now that the you know RNC has shown us what's possible. Well seriously though the the Vm as kind of showed what you could do with an award ceremony Oh. Yeah. I've seen out T H I have seen only pictures from the Bahamas and they all seem to be like red carpet mixtures. I saw a picture of lady. Gaga at the microphone wearing a man yes. The the major I have not seen the VM as but the major kind of tent pole was that lady, Gaga performed with Arianna `Grande in the same space wearing masks with other dancers and like it was a production, they put on a production on a stage was there. Like plexiglass between or this is it I mean, they were I'm assuming tested and then massed up just for. Precautions and all the dancers were also masked. Yeah. It's so interesting because singing is the most dangerous. Off. Redder event of like that's what they've. 'cause. It was like Pat Choir rehearsal that became that super spreader event right at the beginning of the pandemic and it was like. A lot of people got sick from that one event because you are. Really pushing. Out. Extra. Really given it your all so. Interesting I didn't realize that there had been a live performance. Yeah and a lady Gaga almost had like a weird. I mean obviously she's going to go all out with the visuals but she had almost like a gas mask type thing that had like amounts at the end of it. Because she's not going to. Just wear a mask. She's not gonNa just wear a mask. She's GonNa give her all good for but we are seeing a return like if you look at the late night shows, we're seeing a return to studio recordings. You know like the tonight show is re recording from the studio even if there isn't an audience in, it's like very low personnel count. So we're getting to a point with live events and I know the EMMYS are coming up and they are going I've heard that they are going to do it. At like the staple center stellar whatever La live or wherever they do it and it's just going to be. I. Think Maybe people are going to be set up stations I don't know how they're going to do but that's also rumors but they. Try. To run a live event just because you need also like production crew you know it's not just the people that we're seeing on camera. You know it's like a whole production and also the planning Just. Wild. Yeah. They are also afforded the opportunity to really control it because it's not going to be live. This is all going to be pref- ill-named and carefully done and curated and edited that will all be done. Who knows how much longer prior to be event itself? Do you think they'll know who won beforehand before it airs and like they have to keep some. For. For the EMMYS. Yeah. I'm and I was if you can believe it, I was actually talking about the Rock Hall. On this show. Okay. Sure. Sure. Sure. Yeah I guess you could also talk about the rock. I mean personally I thought we were doing an unease. Special one but. Because, the EMMYS might actually be live but with the Rock Hall I, get the idea that they will be doing everything in parts for weeks. Oh, yeah. To the. But I I am curious if they'll be able to. Air. They'll want to structure it somewhat like a traditional ceremony or if they will try to take the form that were working with and do something new. You know I wouldn't. I wouldn't really those those titans of innovation, the rock and Roll Hall of fame I don't necessarily not banking on that I'm curious to you know the kind of thing about a live event is that. You can surprise the audience. You Know Kinda thing where you can feel it in the it's like when you're a special guests, it's like when? Don Henley came out for Stevie Nicks. Performance. Ceremony. And you know we didn't know it was going to happen and there he was and that was cool I. Wonder if that will have the same type of effect, those kind of surprises or I wonder if. They'll need to tell us who who's WHO's on it to get us to watch right because the way it works typically in terms of drumming up publicity for these ceremonies is they always say who the presenters are ahead of time WHO's going to be performing because that's what draws people to the event. That's supposed to be the built-in advertising right. That Harry styles is going to be inducting Stevie Nicks, for example, in that will. Hopefully help riles activate. Here we go. I mean if there's ever a hive yeah. For sure. So I, I would imagine that they must announce some stuff, but there can be a lot of surprises because you could also put together an induction speech. You know the one like you would have like hairstyles doing stevie Nicks, but you could do one and it could be produced so that it.

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