Dave Democrats, Robert Muller, Special Counsel discussed on KC O'Dea Show


Hearing this morning over a letter special counsel Muller wrote to him. Fox's Rachel Sutherland live in Washington. Dave just days after attorney general William buyer releases summary findings of the mullahs report the special counsel wrote him a letter saying the four page memo did not fully capture the context nature and substance of his investigation. Robert Muller also wrote there is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation, the Washington Post which obtain the letter reported the two later spoke on the phone during that conversation Muller said he did not believe bar summary memo to congress was inaccurate. But he was concerned about the media coverage of the obstruction investigation. Dave Democrats are upset over the letter congresswoman, Maxine Waters told MSNBC this administration and all of those who are lined up with the president trying to protect him have obstructed not only. Justice. But obstructive congress Democrats might subpoena bar scripts. Tomorrow's house hearing, but Republican congressman John Ratcliffe told FOX if you wanna ask questions about a four hundred and forty eight page report, the guy we ought to be talking to Bob Muller. Not bar Venezuela's opposition leader backed by the US is calling for more protests trying to house disputed president Maduro. We don't know precisely when the moment is that he'll make the right decision for the people of Venezuela. He showed utter lack of regard or care for their decency for their dignity secretary of state home. Here told FOX business, Cuba and Russia are helping Madero and also must go. They'll be vigil today at the university of North Carolina Charlotte the shooting left two dead four wounded three of them critically like running like a stampede towards me screaming. Like, there's there's a shooter at twenty two year old student facing murder charges a thirteen year old boys in critical condition at Philadelphia shot after midnight right outside a supermarket..

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