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We're driving home and like i've gone jonah vegas and smash their mind you anyone that's driven from vegas. I'm talking about lay dog. I'm not talking about fucking you know the i. E. fucking pomona which i'm talking about west hollywood beverly hills okay. You know there's two routes. Sometimes people are like oh you can take care of blossom through santa clarita and try to get there quicker listen man. I remember we had this race on the motorcycles one of the home he's got to vegas in our and forty seven minutes now mind you. It's like two hundred fifty miles okay and there is open highway but to smash their allan forty-seven with like a stop gas is fucking nuts. That's like you smash in an average like one fifty nonstop. Just it's crazy so anyways. I've gotten to vegas before under three hours. I'm saying like smashing. You know it's different from because you gotta stop for gas money. What you do either stopped embar stores. Stop at baker high advocate. I will never ever not fucking ever after two thousand four not nagina vegas and i never fucked the fifteen. I hate that motherfucking freeway. Just will not fucking do it again. I'll do anything for male fly. Do do anything else going on and going forward. We're driving home and again. Don't ever fuck in leave a._d._c. New year's is eve or any fight weekend and try to drive home the next day you will hate your fucking life because there aren't that many lanes so going on. We're we're driving home. We don't even to drive home the next day you will hate your fucking life because there aren't that many lanes so going on. We're we're driving home. We don't even get to the fucking state align. This shit is that ill and we can't turn around because because we got no money credit cards maxed out the whole nine it took us eleven and a half hours to get home after we lost all our money the whole nine because a fucking candy fucking truck flipped over in got engulfed in flames so this shit's just like fucking nightmare so anyways going on we're back home and somehow we find out that chick ashley and her friend. They live in hollywood. If if you know hollywood do you know where the hollywood bowl is. Okay well hollywood bowl and hollywood highland. There's the american legion and <hes> there's an an area right after the hollywood bowl before you get to like the lows or like hollywood highland center there's just one area and so she lived right in that little pocket in the hollywood hills technically mickley kinda hollywood hills. I don't think it's nine zero zero two eight. It might have been nine zero zero six eight right the i'm not sure but this girl actually lived there and we went over there hung out a couple of times so it was a random night like two thousand one and we're chilling at her house and we're kicking it and <hes> i remember chop it up there and you know my boy was messing with her on the side and we're just kicking it and <hes> we're getting fucked up chilling and and <hes> i leave and as crazy as this mother fucking shit is this is the craziest shit ever. I don't know if it was weeks later. I don't know if it was a month later but she was murdered that night. She was fucking murdered. We're hanging out out there and you know i have no idea if the police are gonna listen to shit and black union you to come in and blah blah blah whatever but i don't recall anything else who hasn't really mad but we're chilin with ashley and had no idea she was dating ashton kutcher whatever it may be but she was murdered that night by the hollywood ripper and i'm just like crazy. I had a phone number. You know what i'm saying and it was like you know we'd rather talk here and there at sierra club and she at the time and maybe route nationale or you know now.

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