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As it turned out neither dea condo nor his wife lisa whatever receive the work nor it seems would leonardo ever collect his fee leonardo held on to the mona lisa in fact he would carry it through the rest of his life from milan to rome to france adding tiny strokes and light layers the mona lisa would be in the studio when he died the lesson to be learned here let the perfect be the enemy of the good at least sometimes leonardo new there there're always improvements to be made to the mona lisa even if viewers would never consciously notice they were there likewise steve jobs was such a perfectionist that he held up shipping the original mcintosh to us team can make this circuit boards inside look beautiful even though nobody would ever see them both he in leonardo knew that real artis care about the beauty even of the parts unseen eventually steve jobs embraced a counter maxim real artis ship which means sometimes you order to deliver a product even when there are still improvements that could be may that's a good rule for daily life but there are some times when it's nice to be like leonardo and not let go of something and toilets perfect the long lasting impact the mona lisa is living proof of that once a year the mona lisa is removed from its case for a close inspection leonardo scholar martin kim got to be there on one of those occasions for scholarly invested much of his life in studying leonardo the encounter brought in unusual tension.

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