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I had of getting those very attractive females and they're probably still attractive still as we move forward on our in our years graduating classes ninety seven john f. kennedy high school produced some of the most beautiful and attractive women that Any graduating class would ever want to have not just nine thousand nine hundred seventy nine hundred ninety six between the shell wills and that group man but nikki black good lord have mercy man. What was i doing. An what was i doing of feel the beautiful women like that. Of course me being me. I had no shot. But you know i was stupid enough in blind enough to give it. A shot got laughed out of the building. Of course but here i was. You know like this this this lady talking to being french you know as. I'm walking down the hallways. I was so stupid that yeah. That's that's the reason why that's the reason why you walmart wanna date me. Of course. this french teacher is embarrassing. Me by saying bosio missoula's your run home and say hey mom french teacher at kennedy. You should take a look at. She's awesome bosio bosio. Miss your me man. It'd be real loud to come on. I had to respond right. Tributary remember malaysia. My gosh give me out of here. Windows world is but then again. I guess that's the reason why monica's fans not dating me. Of course yeah. That one lady they'd be all over me. Yeah does world is sports. I'm your host when the wallace so glad you could be with us speaking about what's happening in the nfl. Speaking about what's going down in week. Five speaking about the kansas city football team there now two and three was kansas city's worth lost at home since they since. Andy reid took over before the two thousand thirteen season and it was more than just a score The defense is people are going to sit there and say the defense a terrible there. The main reason why the team is floundering so far this season and yeah. There's ample evidence to show that. Yeah the achilles heel without question is the defense when you speak speaking about entering week five the defense allowing the most points in the most yards per drive in the league and the get buffalo on sunday night. The defense against showed why There should be major concern for kansas city. You know trying to get back to the level that it was for the past three years when you take a look at the bills game at halftime buffalo. Let twenty four thirteen okay. Buffalo ran twenty four. Plays they at two hundred. Eighty nine total yards in those total place. And that's just halftime josh allen average. Thirty one yards per completion. In the first half on seven completions. I mean that looked like an img football squad going up against a jv suad. From pensacola maybe not that bad. But you get my drift offense it but but you know what everyone's gonna sit there. It true true. Kansas city fans bring it back in come on have a seat ever seen forming. Thank you appreciate it. Class has begun the day. We're going to be discussing the kid city football team two and three. What's gonna be what's going on with these guys..

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