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Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable information with our listeners. I'm sure a lot of we're gonna be hitting replay replay replay on this listen to it again and again. What would you say is your number one piece of advice for anyone listening learning that has a desire in them to create a digital course or online coaching program had loved this question my number number one piece of advice would be to allow yourself to explore it. No judgment no picking it apart or thinking you're not good enough for the idea is not good enough. My students often struggle with confidence in putting themselves forward sage s for domestic. I do know this little piece piece of advice. I wanna give or big. I'm no it so my advice is to be careful. What you think and don't believe everything you think about this this new endeavor you might take it scary in. It's a big deal and it is like in business changing if you will allow it to be i believe that creating a digital or business in the symbol <unk> bobble way to not only make more money and make a big impact from this world create the type of business that we love the freedom you in have when you have a digital force revenue abused coming in consistently if you continue to launch whether you buy automated but now because you're concerned revenue coming in you have the ability to say no to the things that no longer lately or they do not want to do and we've all been there where we do some seven our business that we hate doing doing you can to let go of some of that and so that's why i'm so excited to create a business unlikely digital horses will do so if you allow yourself to it'd be created in think and say i don't i stop. I could teach it believe in that is so get an okay. He is so yeah if someone can do new digital course about how to make candy apples. Okay you guys listening right. You have life changing knowledge here. Maybe you can do the healthy version of candid. You obviously need right. Where can people find out more about you. Tell l._s. i know we talked about. Your podcast definitely listened to that. But where else can they connect with you for asking any dot com lots of good stuff there but i think inc started with the starter kit gliding the u._r._l. For them to check out the starter kit on your show notes. There's one thing in that sort of it we did talk about. I don't want to give it away. They gotta go sign up to grab it but it does explore how your business could change if you did create a digital circling about what might you stop doing. What might you change a bit. Which gives you some clarity around the table business. You really want so won't get any more bad away but it's replaced star excellence. Amy amy thank you so much for letting us have this full circle moments and she were so inspirational on us starting a podcast. This is like to have you on. The podcast has been argonne since day well. I'm gonna ever to the girls so very much. I love the worker dudes. I appreciate you having me. Thank you thank you. He is on my gosh. Amy always overdeliver doesn't she sat ticket information so we hope you're excited filling motivated and maybe maybe even ready to think about creating your own online course or coaching program so be sure to come on over to the podcast show notes notes page so you can get your hands on amy's ultimate course creation starter kit. You can get that by going to w._b. Podcast dot com four four slash episode one fifteen. You can also get it. If you're listening to this.

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