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Right, Christine. That's Justin Timberlake. He says the new album could be on the way and he's busy. He's been in and out of the studio, says last full length album, by the Way, a man of the Woods was released in 2018. It just was in that dramatic, hey, has the dramatic role as a former inmate on TV singer actor. I know and he's funny, Good athlete, too. Yeah, my Now he's got the got a few things going his way. I think you all right, let's get outside and take a look at traffic. Now the other roads are shaping up. My noble This report is right by the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency shaping up pretty good. It's been a quiet drive all morning long on the freeways around Sacramento, and that's how we're winding it down. 80 from Roosevelt, Just a nine minute drive to the cap city split cap city. Still nine minutes both ways between splitting 50 No delays inside on either five or 99 all the way in from L Grove. You say the same thing for Highway 50 all the way in from the foothills from Woodland on I 5 20 minutes. Does it 16 to make the commute from David? It's your employer's job. Thank you from workplace hazards. If your employers not keeping you safe from covert 19, it worked. You have the right to file a complaint. No, You're right. Visit d i r dot CIA DOD Go forward slash Cove in traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk well, sunshine in the valley right now, but that's gonna change this evening. Well, clouds roll in chance of rain this evening tonight showers with low around 50 degrees tomorrow, more rain possible in the valley snow in the high country, then on Wednesday Clear out sunny skies in the forecast reaching 56 degrees in the Valley. OK, time now for news from your neighborhood pronoun would he have? Yes, it's coming out of the Tahoe Daily Tribune. So South Lake Tahoe Woman and several nonprofit groups are taking their fight against cell phone towers to the California District Court..

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