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Violent protesters last night in the city of Birmingham upset over the death of George Floyd twenty two fires set at commercial buildings fourteen buildings vandalized with does included in windows smashed twenty four people were arrested in Birmingham last night mayor Randall Woodfin today calling for a state of emergency and a curfew that goes into effect at seven PM Birmingham the world is watching we disappointed ourselves last night was not make that mistake again do the right thing police chief Patrick Smith asking for video of the rides for people to turn that over so they can help find out who caused the destruction of dozens of businesses in the city he says they don't want to make arrests during this curfew but they will he's asking folks to stay home in reaction to yesterday's destruction in Birmingham Birmingham city councilor hunter Williams saying in part in a statement we are the civil rights city where we have brought changes to the world through peaceful protest while we grieve in demand equality for all people on the heels of George Floyd terrific death we must do so peacefully protest also occurring in mobile where some were throwing water bottles at cops who were trying to direct traffic along IPN in Hilversum arrested made there but no violence reported as several people blocked a highway thirty one during their protest in Tuscaloosa Montgomery peaceful protests and rallies throughout the weekend in other news experts say they're stumped by sudden increasing coronavirus cases around Montgomery state health officer Dr Scott Harris there's not really been a single event or location or facility that we can point to insult so that lets us know that we still continue to have ongoing community transmission here Montgomery city officials say they might impose new restrictions at the train keeps going I mean gene or fell your next news at eleven thirty coming up it's Rush Limbaugh and one minute on newsradio one oh five five W. E. R. C. and I heart radio station if.

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