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Who was involved in film or horror films in particular will recognizes the name clone Berg behind this movie. Now it's not David Cronenberg. Who has had a decades long history of making movies. Now, the earlier stuff that David Cronenberg had done was was these these body horror? These grisly psycho sexual movies, stuff like shivers, or they came from within, you know, And then he did the movie like the fly and in the 19 eighties. And he's was well known for doing these at times, very graphic and very gory and sexually charged horror films Now as he got older once he got into the late nineties, especially into the next century into this century, he started doing other stuff like Eastern promises in the history of violence and Cosmopolis. And those kind of films, which are not horror driven movies. I mean, he just kind of grew out of it, but braindead corner. Berg is a son, and he's directing this movie and one thing I respect about Brennan Corner. Berg, for this is while he's wise enough to use his father's Name for a little bit of credit. He's not just a ping his father's work. I mean, this is not just a psycho sexual body horror movie from the seventies transplanted into the 2020. It's its own movie, and I mean it's graphic. It's got Gore. It's got violence. It's got some very disturbing elements to it. And it's a times and stuff that I believe it's uncut. I don't know if it's carrying a rating. Some of the places that is going to show because it is graphic both sexually at times, not over not too much, but there's also a lot of blood, someone unpleasant things that happened. The movie itself is a really interesting look at what a potential technology could be. It feels a little bit of that, like that movie, curse of the Black rainbow or beyond the black rainbow that came out about Five or 10 years ago, and it was it was really bizarre and really out there, but it kind of has that feel to it. This sort of almost modern cyberpunk without the gears and Chips and everything in something a little bit more organic, and that the crux of it is a story of this woman who is the possessor and she Is basically merged with somebody else's mind but showing that in doing this too many times As she starts to break down her. Her sense of self is breaking down. She isn't quite comfortable in her own body when she's out, and she kind of is losing touch with herself. But then, when she possesses somebody else, she doesn't quite have 100% control of them. She's losing touch with them. So by doing this hopping between body, it's having us a serious effect on her. Ah, and even outside of the morality of all the awful stuff that she's doing, It's sort of like a spy movie. There's a TV series the cold and it was called the Spy. It was on Netflix that covered on this show and started Sasha Baron Cohen. It was about an Israeli spy. And I think it was Syria. He was like a Syrian government guy. And one of these, you see whenever you watch a spy movie is that sometimes the spies have trouble separating their lives, And sometimes it blurs together, and they have real trouble identifying themselves self self identify, and that's kind of what the crux of this woman's problem is in possessor, and that's really where the interest is. Now the movie itself. It's It's very shocking right in the beginning in the last act. Like the last third half hour or so. Is intense and violent. It's not something for the weak of heart or the weak of stomach. The middle of it is much more of a suspense thing, because you're sort of watching this thing unfold on wondering when you know things are going to go into motion and it's an effective movie. I enjoyed it. I thought it was creepy. And it really put you in that position of saying, what would I do either as the possessor or the possessed, it really is a nerve ing in a lot of ways. On. Well done, so maybe runs a little bit long. But that's okay. I can forgive that. I'm going to say that possessor kind of rocks. It kinda rocks through listening. The fat guys at the movies with Kevin Carr. The next movie I want to talk about is Savior cells. Exclamation mark. A couple who spends too much time on their phones Turn off their tech so they can get away to a cabin right when aliens begin right when aliens decide to invade. We are going.

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