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And instead we're going with another old time radio program this time we're once again listening to an episode of Suspense Episode called. Fugu in C minor and it has additional bonus of starring the legendary and now recently discovered totally bisexual. Beloved superstar Mr Vincent Price and the woman who is featured couple months ago in our women. Harsh SEGMENT MISS IDOL. A pain up but before we go any further. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Patrick. Walsh and I am your guy the weird and wonderful world of horror movies except you have to see them through my very very gate. Little is now. I've decided that we are going to get into what happened with this episode. What happened that? We're not covering my super sweet sixteen. What happened that? We are not covering my super psycho. Sweet Sixteen. We're GONNA talk about that after we do the radio show okay. 'cause we got to have a little talk but that'll be that'll be because this is now right now that'll be then right there but this isn't that right now so if you happen this week first of all it is the one hundred twenty third anniversary of the publication of Iraq. Ya the novel by Bram. Stoker that hot sexy allegedly bisexual bear Bram stoker and so to celebrate that we are going to have on this Saturday. We're GONNA have a the silky the double feature What does that mean? We're going to be screening to Qualify Dracula related movies because I needed. Watch some comedies. Right now. So what we're GONNA do. We're going to watch mad monster party from nineteen sixty seven. I think that is a claymation movie. Start Phyllis diller and Boris karloff features. All the universal monsters but not really. They're knock also the universal monsters but they're all having an adventure and in fact they're having a mad monster party eight as all very silly and very camp and it'll be great that's three. Pm and then at four forty five pm we're going to go. Disco DANCING DISCO DANCING. With Akwa this Dracula. We're going to watch love at first bite starring George Hamilton from the Fabulous. Your of nineteen seventy eight. The movie that brought Allah. Ooh I love this. Yeah that put that on my little radar that I didn't even know I had remember. That movie was eight years old. And that's all GonNa be happening on the cast APP and what you need. You join that party. You need to use your l. dot Li slash s q social bit dot Li slash s q social? That's s q social like an ice cream social but with an q social social. Shut up we're going to be and man. I wish you guys were there last Saturday if you weren't there less Saturday. Oh boy did you miss L. Unexpected surprise happen. As I mentioned here we were going to be doing a screening of the two movies that we did in the past episodes which were shock value and find out so I posted everywhere on the social media and the regular showed up and aren't to me so the people from the cast of shock value so my post on instagram told everybody else involved in shock value and they all crashed the party. Yeah almost the entire cast the director the Special Effects Guy. A whole bunch of people from the crew they all had this mini reunion in the screening room and they were just like having a great time at Party and doing commentary the film and give you great insight. It was fantastic and they played along with everything. They're up the cartoons. They also sang along with the Karaoke Song. Psycho killer by the talking make do Karaoke because it is a gay podcast and a bunch of semi videos of them singing along on instagram and it was great. And you missed it. If you were there I wish you were there. Who knows? Maybe Phyllis diller would show up this week never well maybe George. Hamilton will show up and Susan Saint James. That's more likely than Phyllis diller. Because she she's she's she's not likely to show what I'm trying to say again. This bit at least let s q social starting at three. Pm Eastern Standard Time. Be there miss out on the pot tag. The other thing that happened this week we had a whole bunch of birthdays. No not mine. I'm letting that go. I'm letting go no. We had three leads all birthday on the same day. We had vincent price we had peer cushing and we will had Chris Farley all born on May twenty seven. How weird is that that vented prices also was also bisexual? What I love the fact that the king of horror movies I cut my teeth on the man who defined were horror movies were for decades was one of US kids. How's that for representation? How's that for making her choir? Yahu Vincent girl get it now. What did he did a hairdresser? And the're BLEDSOE. Hello I'm birch dishes hair. I can't hand and I can't even do that as well as he did. But unfortunately I cannot find a radio program and all three of them together. I found Breyer programs. They'll do did individually. I just figured. Hey we've got one with Vincent Price and idol. The Pino who we just featured in February in women are month for being the groundbreaker that she was this song groundbreaker in Hollywood kicking ass taking names and not really making an ego trip out of it either and Oh boy is a great story. Usually these these old time radio shows.

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